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Samsung’s AI-Powered WW7000T washer available in Malaysia now, offers a personalized laundry experience

Samsung Malaysia Electronics has launched their latest laundry line-up, the WW7000T washer. The WW7000T washer uses Samsung’s most powerful technologies that cut down on wash times and energy consumption while providing users with a personalized laundry experience.

One of the main highlight feature of the WW7000T washer is AI Control, where it familiarizes itself with user preferences and combines that knowledge with big data to provide the industry’s first automatic suggestion of wash cycles on its display. Paired with a simple user interface, AI Control eliminates the need for users to scroll through cycles to find the right one, or to input their individualized settings each time. Together with the SmartThings App, the app will users advice on the best cycles, your daily planning and troubleshooting problems.

WW7000T washer is also equipped with QuickDrive technology which allows to cut washing time by up to 50%, and energy usage by 20%. The independently moving drum and backplate in the WW7000T allows for more dynamic actions, cleaning garments more thoroughly in less time. Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor adds to energy efficiency by utilizing strong magnets for quieter and stronger performance, while using less energy compared to a universal motor.

The new washers also come with Samsung’s EcoBubble technology that maximizes the effect of detergent by turning it into soft bubbles – allowing for faster penetration into fabrics, even in cold water. Colder washes save heating energy, while also protecting the fabrics and colors of garments. On top of it, the Hygiene Steam cycle has been engineered to improve the cleaning quality of your wash without the need for any time-consuming pre-treatments.

The WW7000T washer comes in two variant for the Malaysian market, the WW13TP44DSH/FQ has a 13kg capacity is priced at RM 4,399 and WW10TP44DSX/FQ has a 10kg capacity is priced at RM 3,799. You can purchase the WW7000T washer now at all Samsung authorized outlet and e-stores.

Head over to this link here for more information on the WW7000T washer 13KG capacity and this link here for WW7000T washer 10KG capacity.

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