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Samsung unveils strategic priorities to expand Mobile Industry through the Next Normal

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business from Samsung Electronics

Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics has recently shared his strategic priorities to steer the mobile industry through the next normal. In the newsroom, he considered it as “Next Normal” because 2020 introduces distance learning, at-home fitness, online concerts, and so much more have all been enabled by mobile technology. According to TM Roh, this is his three strategic priorities:

Meaningful Innovations

He said Samsung create every innovation with a clear purpose: to make one’s life better and easier. In the last six months, the Korean company has super-charged their product line and invested heavily in R&D. Samsung even deployed new solutions in record time, to do everything from improving video-chat technology to helping frontline workers stay safe on the job.

TM Roh also said Samsung will develop more ground-breaking products, like industry-leading foldable phones. And as Samsung roll out a wide range of Galaxy 5G devices in more markets, this technology will enable so many experiences we can’t even imagine yet.

TM Roh also mentioned that the company have a tremendous amount in the pipeline apart from foldables to 5G. He also teased that some of their product is ready to be shown just around the corner.

Open Collaboration

As businesses continue to grow, TM Roh believes the power of the group is stronger than going it alone. He always believed that Samsung should work together, to create new experiences for our customers. Samsung has been collaborating with Google, Microsoft, Netflix and Spotify, to name a few. The Korean giant also worked with Google to optimize video-calling so users could more easily connect. Not only that, Samsung has expanded partnership with Microsoft so Galaxy smartphones and Windows PCs can share messages, photos, and calendar reminders in real-time. This collaboration will only continue to expand through Sansung’s gaming partnership with Xbox.

The power of partnerships is so important for Samsung because they want everyone – including start-ups, developers, and our local communities – to have a chance to achieve their dreams. The Samsung C-Lab start-up incubation program and Samsung NEXT are just a few ways the Korean tech giant help entrepreneurs inside and outside of Samsung build, grow, and scale.

Operational Agility

Due to fast-changing world, TM Roh believes agility is crucial. The breakneck pace of change dictated by our new reality has driven home the need for operational agility: the ability to prioritize resources and be efficient today, while anticipating trends and acting decisively for tomorrow.

TM Roh mentioned that agility is also what has enabled us to bring to life the powerful devices, and their connected experiences, which Samsung will be introducing at Galaxy Unpacked. The Korean tech giant saw that people wanted – and needed – devices optimized for work, play, and multi-tasking for a diverse range of lifestyles.

In summary, these three strategic priorities will guide Samsung Mobile through the Next Normal and beyond. By the way, the public will be able to see for yourself what Samsung have in store for you next at Galaxy Unpacked on August 5th. For the first time, the Korean tech giant will be broadcasting live from South Korea – it’s going to be an exciting virtual experience.

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