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Samsung Side by Side Family Hub refrigerator is what I want for a modern home living

Did you ever think that one day you just woke up and you can check your schedule, turn on other electrical appliances and make a phone call through you refrigerator? Sounds like mad, right? But deep down, you definitely want to have refrigerator that could plan grocery shopping, plan and prepare meals, share notes, sync family schedules, and even stream our favorite music or movies. Well, all the modern feature and technology is available now in Malaysia thanks to Samsung’s latest refrigerator, Side by Side Family Hub refrigerator.

Side by Side Family Hub: Fully Connected through your fingertips
This 2MP camera made ‘View Inside’ possible. You can look at the 2 top shelf to see what is inside or perhaps to replenish

Samsung’s latest refrigerator definitely bring their A-game in terms of technology. Ever wonder that you can peek inside your fridge but you don’t want to open the door or you’re outside doing grocery? Now you can do so by access the ‘View Inside’ feature available both on Family Hub and your Samsung phone through Family Hub app. ‘View Inside’ is made possible thanks to a 2MP camera that assist the user to look inside what is available in the 2 top shelf. You maybe wondering why the top 2 shelf can be view. The answer I got from Samsung rep: focusing on the normal eye level. When we open the fridge door, we usually look first what is available within the normal eye level.

Recipes & Meal Planner will definitely help Jinnyboy out

The Family Hub also can teach user how to cook with Recipes & Meal Planner feature. Based on what food you like and have in your fridge, Family Hub able to intelligently propose delicious recipes and even provide simple meal preparation instructions. Oh, by the way, it can instruct you on how to prepare the meals with the 25W speaker which is loud and crisp for multimedia consumption as well.

You can send photos taken from your Samsung smartphone or tablet and share it at the large Family Board

The large Family Board display on the Family Hub door can sharing news, videos, pictures, drawings, and even personalized notes or messages to stay connected with your family. The Family Board display is a 21.5 inch with Full HD (1080×1920) resolution. Samsung rep did mentioned it is running on Tizen 4.0.

But what impressed me the most with the fridge is SmartThings ecosystem. Users can see the contents of your Family Hub from your Galaxy smartphone no matter where you are. Or control the movie on your TV with your Family Hub. Or even get notified when your Samsung washing machine is done with the latest laundry batch. Samsung’s AI assistant Bixby is also built into the Family Hub refrigerator as well. Just tell your fridge “Hi Bixby, play my cooking playlist!” and you’ll have your music to serenade you while you continue cooking!

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia for the invite to witness how amazing modern home living can be. Now, I’m definitely convinced with what I want for my future home living. Make sure to check the additional gallery at below. For more information about the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator in Malaysia, visit https://www.samsung.com/my/refrigerators/side-by-side-rs62t5f01b4/.

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