Samsung SDI announces new Battery Brand PRiMX

Samsung SDI has announced they are launching a new battery brand named as PRiMX (Pronounced as Praimax). The company is to promote the super-gap technology strategy through the launch of the brand that conveys the company’s identity.

PRiMX stands for ‘Prime Battery for Maximum Experience.’ The brand was developed under the three keywords, ‘Absolute Quality,’ ‘Outstanding Performance,’ and ‘Proven Advantage.’

‘Absolute Quality’, the first keyword, means the safest and most reliable battery quality. Samsung SDI has strengthened quality control for the whole process from battery development to manufacturing and shipping. It conducts a strict quality inspection such as selecting materials and design that can improve battery quality at the development phase, advancing the defect detection algorithm with the deep learning-based AI test at the manufacturing and shipping phase, and examining about 500 quality items throughout the entire manufacturing process.

‘Outstanding Performance’ means a high-capacity and high-power battery technology with Samsung SDI’s latest materials technology including high nickel cathode and silicon anode, and its unrivaled manufacturing capability. It is crucial to determine key performances, such as electric vehicle mileage and output of power tools.

‘Proven Advantage’ means user convenience achieved with the company’s independently developed technology. In particular, the super-fast charging technology developed using a new technique is said to be a groundbreaking technology to minimize the lithium-ion transport distance and time by reducing resistance inside the battery cell.

For PRiMX, trademark registration has been completed not only in Korea but also in Europe and is soon to be registered in the U.S. Samsung SDI will apply PRiMX to all batteries it produces to achieve high quality and technology befitting the three keywords.

With the launch of PRiMX, Samsung SDI opened a microsite and released a brand introduction video. The video helps viewers easily understand the meaning and characteristics of PRiMX.

“PRiMX is a battery brand that conveys Samsung SDI’s unique identity,” said Executive Vice President Michael Son of Samsung SDI Strategic Marketing Team. “We will develop the brand to reach the pinnacle of technology.”

For more information on Samsung SDI and PRiMX, visit www.samsungsdi.com and https://sdi-on.com/primx/en/ (microsite).

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