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Samsung released more teaser for upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2020

Samsung continues to drop more teaser for their Galaxy Unpacked 2020 virtual event which is just around the corner. This teaser serves as hints about the upcoming devices. Samsung said the teaser campaign was created to showcase how these new devices will power our work, and the way we play, giving consumers greater flexibility to adapt to our changing world. To show this, the spot features a seemingly liquid symbol with a bronze hue, matte finish that continuously shifts into a variety of shapes, mirroring the seamless functionality that the devices power.

Just over a week ago, Samsung published on its social channels a series of posts featuring a liquid symbol that continuously changes shape, mirroring the seamless functionality the Galaxy experience offers. These striking yet elegant visuals will now be featured on the façades of iconic landmarks around the world, giving Galaxy fans a taste of what’s to come. The installation will make its debut at the COEX building in Seoul on July 23, followed by appearances at Times Square in New York, FNAC in Madrid, Piccadilly and Waterloo in London, and Central Railway Station in Warsaw.

What will Samsung reveal at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked 2020? Many are expecting the new Galaxy Note series to be released on the event along with tablets, foldable devices and smartwatch that might be appearing as well. Just remember to get ready on 5th August 2020. Check out the gallery picture of the Samsung teaser campaign at below.

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