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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic will be priced from RM1,099 in Malaysia

Samsung also launched the new Galaxy Watch6 series, now consist of Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Galaxy Watch6 series now packs holistic health offerings and powerful performance in a refined and sleek design, boasting a slimmer bezel, a larger and more vibrant display, and more interactive user interface.

Both models also allow users to access a greater selection of versatile watch faces as well as new band options that empower them to meet their goals. 

Personalized Guidance for a Healthier You – Starting with Sleep

The Galaxy Watch6 series now helps its users to have a better sleep, by focusing on three key elements of better sleep: understanding personal sleep patterns, building better habits and establishing a sleep-friendly environment. 

Galaxy Watch6 series now offers in-depth analysis of Sleep Score Factors – total sleep time, sleep cycle, awake time, plus physical and mental recovery – to help users understand the quality of sleep received each night. More individualized Sleep Messages, co-developed with the National Sleep Foundation, also provide users with detailed feedback about their sleep health each morning. Additionally, Galaxy Watch6 offers Sleep Consistency showing how consistent the user’s sleep and wake times are, and a designated Sleep Animal Symbol representing their sleep type. 

Enhanced Sleep Coaching enables users to put sleep insights into action with tailored instructions, tips and reminders accessible on both their wrist and paired smartphone. When it’s time for bed, Galaxy Watch6 can help set the perfect sleep environment by automatically changing the settings of connected home electronics and turning on Sleep Mode across the user’s watch and phone to mute notifications, dim screens, and even to activate the invisible LED infrared sensor on the watch to deliver valuable health insights without additional light distractions.

Fitness features on the Galaxy Watch6 also get more personalized to keep users motivated throughout their journey. Body Composition, with key physical measurements like skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage, provides a complete snapshot of the user’s body and fitness, offering a tailored approach to set goals, track progress, and guide through personalized fitness and now nutritional tips via a new partnership with Whisk.

This year also introduces the new Personalized Heart Rate Zone feature to Watch6 series, which analyzes individual physical capabilities and defines five optimal running intensity levels to help users set their own goals based on their ability – from burning fat to high intensity workout. In addition to over 100 existing workout trackers, the newly added Track Run records the user’s runs on a track, while Custom Workout allows users to build and track their personalized workout routine.

In addition to blood pressure and electrocardiogram monitoring, HR Alert helps users better understand their heart health, detecting abnormally high or low heart rates in the background. 

Refined Design, Perfectly Yours

This year’s Galaxy Watch6 series offers all new designs that provide better viewing, greater power and a wider selection of more customizable and comfortable options. 

According to Samsung, the display is now 20% larger, showcasing more text on screen and a larger keyboard – all while maintaining a comfortable size. Watch6 series now brings a more vibrant, higher resolution display boasts a peak brightness of 2,000 nits, coupled with an Always On Display brightness adjustment feature, allowing users to see and do more even under bright sunlight. Powered by the enhanced processor and memory, Galaxy Watch6 delivers smoother and faster interactions. 

Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic introduces a 30% slimmer bezel and a 15% thinner rotating bezel respectively, enhancing the beauty of the signature circle frame. Galaxy Watch6 series features new stylish, interactive and informative watch faces that make the most of the large display, while new one-click bands allow users to easily mix and match watch bands. With over 704 unique combinations, users can design their perfect watch on Samsung.com. For example, a new lightweight Fabric Band and Sleep Coaching watch face pair perfectly to help you gain informative sleep insights in comfort.

Samsung also added larger battery on the Galaxy Watch6 series and reduced battery consumption to support its larger and brighter display, perfect for tracking their sleep during the night. 

Maximizing Your Experience Right from Your Wrist

Samsung Wallet is now available on Galaxy Watch6 and combines Samsung Pay in their watch. Enhanced Gesture Control allows users to conveniently manage their watch using simple gestures for greater accessibility and ease, letting them set their own shortcuts and now access apps and functions touch-free. 

WhatsApp makes it easier for Galaxy Watch users to stay connected with friends and family, all without getting out a phone. Users can stay productive right from their watch with new apps from Google Calendar and Gmail, which will be exclusively available on Wear OS. They can also track fitness progress or nutritional data more easily with Samsung Health updates, and coming soon, enjoy additional streaming options with Audible. Together with other Samsung devices, Galaxy Watch6 series expands user experiences even further. The upgraded Camera Controller enables remote control of a paired Galaxy Z Flip5 camera to switch modes, angles, and zoom. Samsung Smart TV or Galaxy Tab S9 shows the user’s progress in real time with a guided fitness or mindfulness program on the large screen. Users can also automatically toggle the connection of Galaxy Buds2 Pro between Samsung devices via Auto Switch. Should users happen to misplace their phone, Galaxy Watch6 series can now pinpoint its location through Find My Phone with map support.

For security, Samsung uses Samsung Knox security platform to help users to protect their privacy data.


Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic will be available in Malaysia nationwide from 18 August 2023 onwards.

Galaxy Watch6 Classic47mm LTERM1,799Silver, Black
Galaxy Watch6 Classic47mm BTRM1,499
Galaxy Watch6 Classic43mm LTERM1,699
Galaxy Watch6 Classic43mm BTRM1,399
Galaxy Watch644mm LTERM1,499Graphite, Silver
Galaxy Watch644mm BTRM1,199
Galaxy Watch640mm LTERM1,399Graphite, Gold
Galaxy Watch640mm BTRM1,099

To learn more about Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic, please visit: www.samsungmobilepress.com, news.samsung.com/my/ or www.samsung.com/my/watches/

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