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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 44mm Review: The smart and stylish companion that does all on your wrist

The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 44mm has brought numerous upgrades which I think it is the smart and stylish Galaxy companion on your wrist you can get right now. After more than two weeks of experiencing the Galaxy Watch5 44mm, there is more to like than to dislike for the latest Samsung wearable. Now let’s find out more details about the Galaxy Watch5 44mm.

Design – Simplicity and minimalistic, just like previous gen

Once you wrapped the Galaxy Watch5 44mm on your wrist, you will definitely noticed the striking resemblance of the Galaxy Watch4 series design, which is perfect as it offers a simple and minimalist design. For physical buttons, there are two buttons on the right side which provides a solid and precision tactile feedback.

With the Armor Aluminum sides on the watch body, it is good to know that the Watch5 44mm offers a durability like no other smartwatch in the market as well. The strap came with the watch is not my liking as it requires to the strap to slit under other to secure it, but, credits are given when there are due, the strap does provide a secure lock.

Display – Big, bright AMOLED

The 44mm features a 1.4 inches Super AMOLED in a round shape display. The display will suit for users who are looking for a big size smartwatch. The Super AMOLED is also bright enough for indoor and outdoor usage. The display is also protected by a Sapphire Glass, providing a better drop and scratch resistance for the display.

The touch display is also very accurate and responsive, making sure every tap or scroll as fluid like a modern smartphone with high refresh rate.

Health tracking – Monitoring what is important for modern active users

The Galaxy Watch5 44mm comes with a larger sensor and temperature sensor to provide more accurate results. To test the accuracy, I would require to use an expensive monitoring machine, therefore I would leave out on the accuracy results.

Users can get sleep tracking, Body Composition, heart rate tracking, stress monitoring, blood pressure, work out monitoring and step tracking with the Galaxy Watch5 44mm. These features are really essential for those who love to keep track on their health condition or workout progress.

Battery – Faster charging speed

The 44mm sports a 410mAh battery with Fast Charge support. For my two weeks plus of experiencing it, the Galaxy Watch5 44mm can last around 1 and a half day of usage. This result is with notifications, vibration, WiFi and health monitoring turned on. I noticed if you’re someone that has a lot of notifications, it will drain the brain even quicker.

One thing I do love on the Galaxy Watch5 44mm is the Fast Charge support, which you can expect a minimal downtime when charging it. Overall, the battery life on the Galaxy Watch5 44mm will last you at least one day of usage and prepare to charge if you have a heavy schedule ahead. Alternatively, you can use the Watch5 in watch mode to have a longer battery life.

Software – Wear OS 3.5 and One UI Watch 4.5 brings one of the best smartwatch experience

The Galaxy Watch5 44mm uses the latest Wear OS 3.5 and One UI Watch 4.5. It offers one of the best for smartwatch experience as you can access to various apps via the Google Play Store. Not only that, you can even use Microsoft Office to calculator on the Watch5, making it a perfect pairing with your Galaxy smartphone for work and daily usage. You can control music and camera shutter button with the Watch5 too!

You can reply your WhatsApp via the Watch5 with keyboard or voice type with the typing experience is a bit cramped but still fairly usable. I’ve even tried the voice calling for a short reply to my brother, he said he managed to hear my voice clear. So, the Watch5 44mm can definitely helps you to lessen taking out your Galaxy smartphone to reply to messages and calls. Just the perfect companion.

Final Verdict – Great smartwatch experience but battery life is still a main factor

Now, the Galaxy Watch5 44mm is priced at RM1,199 in Malaysia. It offers a stylish design, useful companion and tracking your health but my main concern is the battery life. Having a day of battery life is going to be slightly hassle for users who prefer not to charge their device too often. However, if you can look through the battery life, you are getting a truly solid smartwatch experience like no others in the market.

My recommendation for the Galaxy Watch5 44mm is to just outright buy it if you’ve been eyeing for a solid smartwatch experience with a large display. Trust me, you won’t get wrong when the smart and stylish companion that does all on your wrist without taking your Galaxy smartphone out so often.

Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing the loan review unit for review content. However, there is no compensation for this review article hence, there is no editorial input nor final approval is needed. The review is based on more than two weeks of experience hence any future software update may provide a different experience.

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