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Samsung Galaxy Watch5 40mm Review: Does it all on your wrist while being compact and stylish

If you’re looking for one of the best compact smartwatch that leave you one of the best experience, then the Galaxy Watch5 40mm is your perfect choice. While the package is almost complete, there is one nitpicking on the device.

But to understand the latest Samsung smartwatch, we shall dive down details of the Galaxy Watch5 40mm at below.

Design – Downright compact and stylish with minimalistic in mind

The Galaxy Watch5 40mm does have a striking resemblance of the Galaxy Watch4 series design, which meant offering users the simple and minimalist design.

The watch body does looks and feel compact, perfect for those who doesn’t want to feel distracted by large display. On the right side, you have two physical buttons which provides a solid and precision tactile feedback when you tap.

The watch body is using Armor Aluminum sides which provides one of the best durability. The strap requires to the strap to slit under other to secure it, whoch is not my liking. However, credits are given when there are due, the strap does provide a secure lock.

Display – AMOLED display provides good brightness and touch response

The 40mm features a 1.2 inches Super AMOLED in a rounded shape display. The display size is going to be perfect for the ladies or someone who just need a small display smartwatch. The brightness of the Super AMOLED is bright enough for indoor and outdoor usage. The display is also protected by a Sapphire Glass, providing a better drop and scratch resistance for the display.

The touch display is accurate and responsive, which at times feel like scrolling on a premium flagship Galaxy smartphone.

Health tracking – Tracking your body like a champ

This year’s Galaxy Watch5 40mm has a larger sensor and temperature sensor to provide more accurate results. To test the accuracy, I would require to use an expensive monitoring machine, therefore I would leave out on the accuracy results.

The Watch5 40mm can track your body status like a champ thanks to features such as sleep tracking, Body Composition, heart rate tracking, stress monitoring, blood pressure, work out monitoring and step tracking. These features are gwnuinely useful for modern active users who wants to keep track on their health condition or workout progress.

Battery – Definitely last you one whole day

The 40mm is packing a 284mAh battery with Fast Charge support. After experience the Galaxy Watch5 44mm for a month, I can safely tell you that it can last around 1 day of usage. This result is with notifications, vibration, WiFi and health monitoring turned on. For those who has a lot of notifications in their daily life, expect the battery drain to be even quicker.

The Galaxy Watch5 40mm supports Fast Charge, allowing users to enjoy a minimal downtime when charging it. For those who are prioritising the 40mm as an everday watch, you can turn on the watch mode to have a longer battery life.

Software – Wear OS 3.5 and One UI Watch 4.5 still deliver one of the excellent smartwatch experience

The Galaxy Watch5 40mm uses the latest Wear OS 3.5 and One UI Watch 4.5. The software on the 40mm offers one of the best for smartwatch experience as you can access to various apps via the Google Play Store. You can even do productivity task witb the Watch5 as you can even use Microsoft Office to calculator on the go, making it a perfect pairing with your Galaxy smartphone. You can control music and camera shutter button with the Watch5 too!

You can reply your WhatsApp via the Watch5 with keyboard or voice type with the typing experience is a bit cramped but still fairly usable. I’ve even tried the voice calling for a short reply, the recipient said he managed to hear my voice clear.

Final Verdict – The conpact smartwatch that does all in 2022, if you can live with the one day batrery life.

The Galaxy Watch5 40mm is priced at RM1,099 in Malaysia, it does offers a stylish and compact design, useful companion while still able to track your health. But the biggest puzzle piece is the one day battery life. I have ask many smartwatch users on what is the most important feature to them and the answer is definitely longer battery life, so hopefully Samsung can get this feedback as a way to improve for their future Galaxy Watch models. Still, if you can accept both the pros and cons of Galaxy Watch5 40mm, you are getting one of the best compact smartwatch experience like no others in the market can offer right now.

My recommendation for the Galaxy Watch5 40mm is to just outright buy it if you need to get or upgrade to a compact smartwatch that is able to do all on your wrist. No way you can go wrong as the Watch5 40mm does everything on your wrist without taking your Galaxy smartphone out so often.

Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing the loan review unit for review content. However, there is no compensation for this review article hence, there is no editorial input nor final approval is needed. The review is based around one month of experience hence any future software update may provide a different experience.

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