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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series in Mystic Navy is available Malaysia now

Samsung Malaysia has announced the availability of a new colour, Mystic Navy, for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series. Customers can get the Mystic Navy variant now at Samsung Malaysia’s e-store, participating Samsung Experience Stores and authorized dealers.

Just to recap, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 series is packed with various features such as:

Move across devices more seamlessly than ever before

Between your Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7+ and Galaxy smartphones, you can easily copy text or images on your smartphone and instantly paste the content onto your tablets – and vice versa. You can also enjoy continuous Samsung Internet browsing and faster auto-sync of Samsung Notes across connected devices.

Like they say, two is better than one

Tackle the Second screen feature to connect your Galaxy Tab S7 or Tab S7+ with your laptop through a range of different modes. While Extend mode lets you connect to your Windows PC and work across two different apps on each screen; the Duplicated mode lets you share the apps or documents you have open on your tablet directly to your laptop screen and instantly save any changes straight to your laptop.

Enjoy more continuous experiences with your S Pen

Text box areas are conventionally serviced with keyboards but now you can fill them in using your S Pen. This means that anything you write in them will instantly be converted into digital text, including punctuation marks. With the ‘Pen to text’ option, experience a more natural note-taking experience in Samsung Notes when your handwritten notes is instantly converted into digital text.

Best of two worlds

Enjoy your streamlined Galaxy Ecosystem with the Wireless Keyboard Sharing feature that allows you to connect your Book Cover Keyboard to your smartphone and your tablet. More than that, you can utilize the Keyboard’s touchpad to control and manage your smartphone with the cursor as you would your tablet. And with Auto Switch now in place, you can answer a call while watching movies on your Galaxy Tab S7 or S7+, and your Galaxy Buds Pro will automatically switch to your smartphone.

For information about the Galaxy Tab S7|S7+, visit the link here.

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