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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ review: The best Android tablet you can get now and ‘almost’ a laptop replacement

As most of us will be working from home in 2020, having a device that can work and play is definitely a must have for every individual. If you really ask me to recommend a best device that can work and play, I would definitely the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ thanks to its amazing specifications and features. It may even replace your current laptop with it’s Galaxy Tab S7+ Book Cover Keyboard accessory. Now let’s find out more about the tablet and watch the video review too.

A real performance powerhouse

There is only one spec variant for the Galaxy Tab S7+ in Malaysia: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+, 8GB RAM, 256GB internal storage and WiFi. This tablet specs can rival with many 2020 flagship smartphone thanks to the latest flagship processor. Whether you’re playing Asphalt 9 or doing some productivity work, you won’t feel any lag on the device. With amazing power available on the device, you can even perform multitask without any issues too. For pro users needing more memory space on the Tab S7+, you can expand it via MicroSD slot.

To power all the performance, the Galaxy Tab S7+ is packed with a 10,090 mah battery that supports 45w fast charging although Samsung only packs a 15w charging plug. Battery life is superb and do expect a minimum of 2-3 days standby time depending on your usage.

Indulge with magnificent entertainment specs

If you’re planning to get the Tab S7+ for entertainment consumption, then you’ve made a good choice. The Tab S7+ is packed with a 12.4″ Super AMOLED that has 120hz fast refresh rate. This display definitely allow users to enjoy smooth scrolling, bright and great viewing quality too. By the way, the display is also HDR10+ certified so you will enjoy all the benefits when watching on streaming service like Netflix. To go along with beautiful display, it’s the quad speaker setup by AKG. The sound pumped out from the speakers is loud and crisp for movie and music lovers.

Book Cover Keyboard and S-Pen : Turning a tablet into a laptop

I would suggest to get the Book Cover Keyboard for the Galaxy Tab S7+ if you’re intending to get one. It will help to protect the tablet and S-Pen. The keyboard also has a trackpad that allows user to use the tablet like a laptop too. If you happened to have a wireless mouse, you can connect to the tablet as well. The back cover also has a hinge to let the tablet stay slanted.

When you purchase the Galaxy Tab S7+, Samsung also provides a S-Pen in the box too. The S-Pen for Tab S7+ has gotten some upgrades: 9ms latency and same features from Note20 series like Air Actions, Create note, View all notes, Smart Select, Screen write, AR Doodle and PENUP.

The S-Pen features definitely benefits pro users than conventional user like me as I didn’t really used it too often. The S-Pen size is similar to a real pen, however, I still feel the Note20 series S-Pen feels much better when using it. Nonetheless, the writing and drawing experience with the S-Pen on the Tab S7+ is still great.

The S-Pen can still operate when the battery is empty but you lose a lot of major features. The S-Pen can be charged via a magnetic strip located near to the rear camera. If you have the Book Cover Keyboard for the Tab S7+, then make sure to equipped it as soon as possible as I find that placing the S-Pen behind the table is a bit insecure. Also, the S-Pen can be magnetic placed on the top and bottom but not on the sides.

Fully loaded features like its smartphone siblings

Out of the box, the tablet comes with Android 10 and One UI 2.5 which feels sleek and easy to use. It also packs similar features like the Galaxy and Note series smartphone. The Samsung DeX (wired and wireless) will benefit users by making this device turn into a desktop. The partnership with Microsoft means user will get amazing Office experience, xCloud gaming ready via the Xbox Game Pass, and added support to be a secondary screen to your Windows PC. For safety feature, the tablet also comes with a Fingerprint scanner under the display.

These features are really good for those individual wants a device that can blend in to their professional and normal lifestyle.

Versatile cameras that just work, that’s all

The Galaxy Tab S7+ comes with a single 8MP front facing camera and two rear camera setup: 13MP main camera and 5MP ultra-wide angle camera. Starting off with the 8MP front facing camera, photos and videos at broad daylight is good but for low light or dark situation, do expect details for photos and videos start to turned noisy and soft details. Videos on the selfie camera is only up to 1080p 30 fps.

For the rear 13MP main camera, it does the best job whether capturing videos or photos. The main cam can record videos up to 4K 30fps. Broad daylight photos and videos outcome is amazing considering it is a tablet. Night mode is only available for the main cam so low light or dark area photography is not a problem. Lowlight or dark area videography is ok but do expect some noise appearing.

The wide angle lens camera is the mixed bag here. For videos, it only can record 1080p 30fps video. So if you want to switch lens when recording video, make sure to set to 1080p format. Broad daylight photography and videography with the wide angle lens camera looks just average most of the time. It struggles the most during low light or dark area where most of the time photos and videos details are noisy and too soft.

I do wished the night mode works on all the cameras rather than just the main camera. Another thing is Samsung should put a higher MP sensor for the ultra-wide angle lens as the image quality is average.

Just one major gripe, though

Like the saying ‘Nothing is perfect’, there is a major gripe on the Galaxy Tab S7+. However, it is not really Samsung’s fault because it lies on Android itself. Many Android app is not fully optimised for tablet usage hence you might not get the full experience of an app like the smartphone counterpart. Well, if you can look through it, then the Galaxy Tab S7+ is the perfect Android tablet you can get today.


If you have to get the best Android tablet in 2020, then look no further than the Galaxy Tab S7+. The RRP of RM 4,599 maybe quite pricey to some but in return you’re really getting great performance, long-lasting battery life, versatile camera setup, S-Pen and amazing build and design quality for your money. There is three colours to choose from: Mystic Bronze, Mystic Silver and Mystic Black.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is a truly flagship Android tablet you can get now. It definitely get my seal of approval of 9 out of 10.


+ Flagship specs
+ Great battery life
+ Versatile camera
+ Inclusion of S-Pen
+ Display and speakers is good for binge watching
+ Features that benefit pro users


– Android still doesn’t optimised the tablet space
– Pricey
– Camera features (Night mode only works on main cam and ultra-wide angle lens performance is average)
– S-Pen magnetic strip charge placement is not secure

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