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Samsung Galaxy A54 first impression – Stepping up the mid range smartphone game

Now, before I’m going to start giving my first impression for the Samsung Galaxy A54, I need to tell you that the device is a sample pre-production unit, hence, it will be running pre-production software.

When I was contacted to have a quick first impression opportunity for the latest Samsung Galaxy A54 by Samsung Malaysia, I just quickly replied yes. The reason was simple to saying yes quickly because the Galaxy A series was in fact Samsung’s best selling series as it continues to offer the best mid range smartphone experience in the global market. However, let’s not bored you and start off what do I think of the device after using it for 3 days.

Design – Bringing the Floating Camera design from the Galaxy S Series

Oh boy, this year’s Galaxy A54 gets a new look cue from the Galaxy S Series – Floating Camera design and Glass back cover. With the Floating Camera design on the mid ranger, it just exudes Samsung’s iconic look and immediately to recognisable as a Galaxy device. The new Glass back cover also offers a premium feel for users, which is also using the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, providing resistance to scratches and drop.

If I had to nitpick on the design, it’s definitely the Glass back cover because it’s a glossy surface, fingerprint and smudges are very quick to build up here. I would suggest prepare a casing if you’re planning to get this fella.

Display and Audio – Immersive Entertainment on the Go

Galaxy A54 is packing with a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED display with support of 120Hz refresh rate. The display brightness can go up to 1000 nits and the colours are vivid. For sure, the display for the A54 could be the best in its class you can get in 2023.

For those who love to spend time with music or listening to Michelle Yeoh’s speech during Academy Awards, the Galaxy A54 is packing with a stereo speakers that delivers fairly loud volume. However, since the Galaxy A53, there is no 3.5mm jack for wired audio but I recommend to get the Galaxy Buds 2 or Buds Pro 2 for the perfect pairing audio.

Camera – New main camera, still deliver 4K videos for front and rear cameras

Do take note that because it is running pre-production software, the camera software is still not stable so I will only focus on the main camera for the first impression.

This year, the A54 receives a new 50MP main camera which really surprises me during my first impression. The details and clarity from the main camera shot is performing almost similarly to its Galaxy S Series siblings. This result just give a promising photography performance even though it is running a pre-production software.

For those who are planning to vlog with the phone, it is safe to say you still can record up to 4K 30 fps on the rear and front camera. I’m still amazed how Samsung still can provide 4K video recording for front camera on the Galaxy A Series when some brands with their premium flagship are still stuck with 1080p 30fps.

Final verdict for first impression –

Overall, for my first impression, I think Samsung has done a pretty good job in formulating its best mid range smartphone. Solid specs with premium design, it is hard to overlooked on the Galaxy A54 for those who are looking to upgrade to a mid range smartphone.

However, I can only talk about few aspects of the smartphone due to pre-production software. I will only reserve for more comments on the Galaxy A54 when I’ve received the final retail unit. Be sure to stay tuned on the site and social media for the launch and pricing announcement!

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