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Samsung Foldables is leading a change on how we are using smartphone

Let’s be honest here, when we have entered the smartphone era, the design has always been a slab design. Can you remember any modern smartphone that has other design shape than the slab? We definitely missed phones that has bold design like foldables. But did the smartphone design has really stopped innovating itself? Not really, as of recent years Samsung has revive the glorious foldable design on the modern smartphone era with features that current smartphone couldn’t provide.

The foldable smartphone has brought lots of great innovation to help us in our daily routine. Take example of the Flex Mode which is available on Samsung Foldable, where it helps users to embrace the “new norm” and experience productivity like never before. You can go Hands-Free when you’re watching videos, surfing the internet, or calling your friends.

As more users are getting used with the foldable ecosystem, Samsung has been working closely with other strategic partners in the Android developer community to build apps to improved foldable users to have more productivity.

When the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip, it has shown that modern smartphone is capable to have cutting-edge designs that redefine the smartphone look. The Galaxy Z Fold2 brings the best foldable technology and offers a 2-in-1 experience as it is a smartphone when folded and a tablet when unfolded. On the other hand, the Galaxy Z Flip gives you all the perks of having a large screen while remaining portable thanks to its compact and stylish form factor. Both foldable phones had turn heads every time you take them out of your pocket despite their difference.

Photography on the Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip is no slouch thanks to their flagship level camera quality and control to help you capture crystal clear shots wherever you are from day to night. With Flex Mode, content creator and social media lover don’t need a photographer more a tripod anymore.

Samsung also let users of the Galaxy Z Flip or the Galaxy Z Fold2 to enjoy premium services such as 24/7 Premium Careline, door-to-door delivery and more. With a vast of Samsung Galaxy product ecosystem, you can even connect the Galaxy Buds or Galaxy Watch and enjoy a complete mobile experience like no others.

You can get your Galaxy Z Fold2 or Galaxy Z Flip today and start enjoy a smartphone experience like no other. As the mobile phone industry still evolving, users can definitely expect bigger and better things in the coming years. Foldable smartphone is here to stay and prepare to be amazed as years go by. For now, join the foldable smartphones revolution as it makes a significant mark on mobile phone history.

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