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Sakura Wars Acoustic Music Concert 25th Anniversary Gathering to livestream for Japan and Overseas on 11 and 12 September

Sakura Wars Acoustic Music Concert will be gathering for their 25th anniversary at Asakusa Hana Theater in Asakusa, Tokyo on 11th and 12th of September. Fans can expect the return of all the main cast performing via livestream with a special movie only for streaming viewers in Japan and also will be broadcast overseas.

To watch the livestream, users will require to use ‘Streaming +’ by eplus. There are two performances each day, and four performances in total will be broadcasted live. All performances can be watched from 23:59 (JAPAN TIME) on Friday the 17th of September in the archive.

The special movie for the viewers of the live stream will be added after every event. There will be interviews and singing by performers and it will be broadcasted live on every performance.And all performances will be available in the archive.

Below are the list of the countries where this live stream will be available.

【The countries where the live stream will be available】


Germany, France, Italy, Poland, U.K.

Asia・ Oceania

Taiwan,Korea, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia Malaysia, Philippine, Australia

North America, South America

Canada, the States, Brazil

You can get the tickets for viewing the live stream by clicking the link. https://ib.eplus.jp/sakura_taisen25

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