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Rhythm Check: Salem Ilese’s latest single “(L)only Child,” and music video “Dinosaurs (S4E7)”

Salem Ilese’s ‘(L)only Child,’ cover album

Salem Ilese has recently dropped her latest single ‘(L)only Child,’ and video “Dinosaurs (S4E7)” via 10K Projects/Homemade Projects. “Dinosaurs (S4E7)” is the final single ahead of her forthcoming EP, ‘(L)only Child,’.

With “Dinosaurs (S4E7),” Salem asks “did the dinosaurs see it coming?” and grapples with mortality, climate change and the general uncertainty of life. The title of the song, as well as its music video, directed by Jason Lester (Lauv, Cautious Clay), references the iconic final episode of the 1990s show “Dinosaurs” that shows the dire consequences of disrupting nature in favor of profits, a message more relevant now than ever.

Salem’s new project arrives on the heels of her recent writing credit on TikToker-turned-popstar Bella Poarch’s “Build a Bitch” single, which has been streamed over 7M times on Spotify alone this week. Similar to Salem’s very own smash hit “Mad At Disney”, Bella’s “Build A Bitch” is an anthem of female empowerment, turning establishment led gender norms on their heads.  

The following is the tracklist for (L)ONLY CHILD,: 

1.       Forgiveness 
2.       (L)only Child 
3.       Romeo & Juliet 
4.       good, not great 
5.       About a Breakup 
6.       Dinosaurs (S4E7) 

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