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Rhythm Check: Azusa Tadokoro’s new single ‘Hakoniwa no Kofuku’, featured as ending theme song for “In the Land of Leadale”

Azusa Tadokoro has released her first digital single, ‘Hakoniwa no Kofuku’ on 5th January 2022 along with her promo photos, album cover and music video.

This latest image using diorama, where she wore a sensational red costume, is showing the world of the song with a totally different approach than what she has done before in any other of her music videos.

The song lyrics are written by Kosuke Oki and the song and arrangement are done by Kanda John. The pair have worked together already for her 4th album ‘Waver’.

“In the Land of Leadale”/published by KADOKAWA, ©2021 C,T/K/L

This new song is the ending theme song for the TV anime “In the Land of Leadale” which is going to air from 5th January 2022.    

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