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Review: Samsung Galaxy Watch4 (44mm Bluetooth)- Impressive software and features

In early 2021, Samsung and Google has made an announcement on working together for Android Wear OS and will be use on the Galaxy Watch4 series. Fast forward now, the Galaxy Watch4 has been released in Malaysia and globally but many people are still wondering is it worth it to make the jump to the new series.

As Samsung Malaysia offered TrendGrnd to review the latest Galaxy Watch4 (44mm Bluetooth), I quickly agreed to it as I’m eager to test out the all-new smartwatch by Samsung. There is a review video on TrendGrnd’s official YouTube Channel if you want to watch it in action.

In short, it’s impressive but we are here for more details so let’s dive down below and learn more.

Design – Simple, minimalistic yet eye-catching

The design for the Galaxy Watch4 is pretty straight up simple and minimalistic. The loan review unit packs a 44mm case with an awesome 1.4 inches Super AMOLED flat display which is highly durable thanks to MIL-STD-810G compliant, IP68 rating and Corning Gorilla Glass DX+. The buttons are on the right side with the top button has an orangey/red on the sides while the bottom button is fully decked out in black. The buttons clicks provide good feels and accuracy. The back of the watch case houses the sensors and markings.

The Watch4 comes with a standard 20mm resin strap out of the box. The strap wearing method my not be my liking as you need to hook the other end to slot into wrist, but it does provide a strong locking feel. The strap also feels good when you’re wearing long periods as long you don’t overtighten it. I do feel the strap should be a little bit bigger but this is just a minor nitpicking as it manages to do its job well.

Performance and software- New specs and software allows you to be a smooth operator

Watch4 is using the new Exynos W920 which is a 5nm processor by Samsung while paired along with 1.5GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. It is also running the Android Wear OS with One UI Watch 3. With the latest specs and software, you can find yourself to run your daily task on the smartwatch like a smooth operator. The scrolling on the smartwatch feel fluid and the touch response is immediate.

With the Android Wear OS, you can now use the Play Store to get apps for your Watch4 and even use Google Map to navigate around. The One UI Watch 3 also bring some a lot of Samsung propriety apps over to Watch4 like Samsung Health, Calculator, Voice recorder and many more. The Watch4 also can control you Galaxy Smartphone camera but you can only control the shutter button. There is some slight lag on the Watch4 display for the camera live preview if you’re trying to capture moving subject or when you’re on the move.

The watch face also can sync with your Galaxy Z Flip 3’s cover display meaning you can have the same animation background on both phone and watch. You can make phone calls and reply to messages on the Watch4. Want to take things to another notch? You can directly paired your Galaxy Buds and use a music streaming app to go for a work out too!

Health and Fitness Feature – Body composition is a game changer

There are a lot of health and fitness feature on the Watch4 like heart rate sensor, automatic workout tracking, sleep tracking and many more. But one feature that’s truly stand out for the Watch4 among the competition is the new Body Composition feature. What it does is to calculate an individual’s body fat percentage, muscle mass and many more. According to Samsung, this feature uses a bioelectrical impedance analysis which sends a weak electric current through the body and calculating the amount of water in the body. You need to place your middle and ring finger on the buttons to use this feature.

While it is hard for me to judge the accuracy of the calculations, some reviewers has put the Watch4 calculations side by side with a proper (and expensive) machine for body measurement, the results are very similar between the Watch4 and the machine.

There is also ECG feature for Watch4, however it is still not supported for Malaysia as you need to install Samsung Health Monitor app as of the time of writing this review, so I will not be giving my verdict on that feature.

Battery – Good but wished it could last a bit longer

So, the Galaxy Watch4 has a 361 mAh battery where on the app, it tells it could last for 2 days. On my real time usage, I could only maxed out the battery life around 1 and half days with notifications and GPS turned on with screen brightness at 50%. The battery life will largely be affected based on your usage style. If you’re a heavy user like taking calls, replying messages and connecting to Wi-Fi, expect the Watch4 to last at least 1 day.

Charging speed is average via cable like most smartwatch and it supports wireless charging. I do feel the charging speed should be quicker and hopefully Samsung can work on it for the future Galaxy Watch model.

Verdict – This is the Android smartwatch you should upgrade to right now

Let’s wrap things up for the Watch4. In Malaysia, you can get the Watch4 for RM899 for the 40mm variant and RM999 for the 44mm. There is a lot to love for the Watch4 largely thanks to the new internal specs, software and the new feature, Body Composition. While I might nitpicked the smartwatch for its battery life, charging speed, ECG feature still not available (in Malaysia) and the strap design, the overall usage for Watch4 is actually impressive. I highly recommend the Galaxy Watch4 for smartwatch user who is planning to upgrade. However, if you’re still using the Galaxy Watch3 series, then I would say skip it for now unless you’re really ready to splurge for upgrade.

Special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing the loan review unit of the Galaxy Watch4 for content purposes. However, this is not a paid review/content therefore there is no final approval or creative input is required by Samsung. The review is based on 2 weeks usage and future software update might alter the experience for the smartwatch. The photos and videos are belong to TrendGrnd and is strictly prohibited to use without permission.

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