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Review: Samsung Galaxy A13 (3GB RAM version) – Not for everyone but provides the bare necessities

If you’re someone that plays any video game where the character are given basic items to start off his adventure, then the Samsung Galaxy A13 is the basic item to start off your modern adventure. That is pretty how much I would sum up the Galaxy A13 in Malaysia, but you definitely want to know more about the device. So, let’s dive a little bit in depth on the device.

*take note that the loan review unit I’ve received is the 3GB RAM + 32GB variant as Samsung Malaysia is bringing the 6GB RAM + 128GB variant only

Design – Carry the latest Galaxy A design motive

The first time I saw the phone right in front of with my own eyes, I’m pretty sure that it has the latest Galaxy A design motive so it definitely has the Samsung vibes. The phone is quite average large because it houses a 6.6 inches display, which could be perfect for those need a large phone.

My loan review unit is the Awesome Peach colour, which I think it has a vibrant feel and definitely suited for the younger ladies. The phone’s buttons layout is on the right while the sim card and microSD slot is on the left. At the bottom, it has a speaker grill, USB Type-C charging port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The design department on the Galaxy A13 is quite good if you don’t need a flashy phone for starters.

Performance – Just to do your basic phone operation

Now, I need to tell you, the readers, that my review unit’s specs (3GB RAM + 32GB) is different from the retail unit (6GB RAM + 128GB) in Malaysia. However, it is powered by the same Exynos 850 chipset which is a entry level chipset so don’t expect the phone to perform fast or smooth like a mid-ranger or flagship device. It even has RAM Plus feature which adds up to 4GB RAM but I never really feel there is any additional smoothness when dialing up to 4GB RAM.

Over the 2 weeks of usage, I have experience lags and hangs. I have tried to perform a photo editing with the phone’s Photo Editor, the effects couldn’t preview when you keep adjust around 4-5 effects.

You get One UI 4.1 and Android 12 out of the box which is good

Because of the phone’s sluggishness, I’ve opted not to test any games but I think light games is capable to run on the Galaxy A13. The only positive thing for the performance section is definitely the software because it is running One UI 4.1 with Android 12, giving users the peace of mind to run latest apps.

Overall, the Galaxy A13 is not a phone for gaming, content creation or productivity, but it is simply providing the users the opportunity to connect to the modern world. If you just need a smartphone that make calls, simple browsing the social media, reply messages and taking simple photos/videos, the Galaxy A13 could be the perfect choice.

Display and Audio – Just adequate, nothing to shout out

The LCD screen is has an adequate brightness for indoor usage

So, the Galaxy A13 is packing a 6.6 inches LCD screen and its protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Only standard 60 Hz refresh rate here but you definitely have no issue watching YouTube or FB clips or scrolling with the device. The brightness is good for indoor but visibility may suffer at outdoor.

As for the audio, a single mono firing speaker does the sound job, which is just okay. But you can always opt for wired earphones because the device has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Battery – Long lasting battery life

Galaxy A13 has a 5,000mAh battery where Samsung is claiming is capable to last 2 days of battery life. Yes, it could achieve that figure claimed because of the low power chip and even longer if you planning to use as standby phone. The charging speed here is max out at 15W so do expect a long period of charge if your device is below 20-30% battery level.

Camera – Surprisingly a good main camera

For those who want to use the camera on the Galaxy A13, it actually provides a quite good photography quality. The quad rear camera is consist of 50MP main camera, 5MP Ultrawide, 2MP macro camera and 2 MP depth sensor while the front camera is 8MP selfie shooter.

Starting off with the bright daylight conditions, the main camera, ultrawide camera and macro camera can deliver a usable photo for social media posting but the main camera shots are the preferable ones. Things are tricky when lighting conditions are low as the device doesn’t have any Night mode here. You need to rely on the flash if you need to take night or low light photos, which means only the main camera and macro camera can benefit from it. The front camera can deliver adequate selfies when the lighting is good. You can use the flash to compensate when selfie-ing during low light conditions.

As for videos, you’re pretty much stuck with up to 1080p 30fps video format on the front and rear camera. The videos are looking normal and shall be kept with low expectation. Try to avoid shooting in low light conditions and you will definitely have a usable footage to share on social media.

Final verdict – Not for everyone, but still meets your bare necessities

With the price of RM799, the Galaxy A13 is not something I would recommend to everyone but if you need a phone that meets your bare necessities, then you may consider to purchase it. I would say the device would suit kids and elder folks who is not really chasing the fast paced world. The pricing for the Galaxy A13 is also quite tough to convince as the competition is able to offer a better specs which means longer owning period.

You can now purchase the Galaxy A13 in Malaysia via Samsung Malaysia official site and e-commerce!

*special thanks to Samsung Malaysia for providing the

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