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Review: LG TONE Free (FP8) – Solid audio experience but…

LG Malaysia has released the LG TONE Free (model FP8), a wireless earbuds that feature UVnano Charging Case and Enhanced Active Noise Cancellation. So for this review, we are going in depth to learn whether the LG TONE Free FP8 should be your next wireless earbuds.

Before we are going to start, a special shout out thanks to LG Malaysia for providing the review unit. However, this is not a paid content hence there is no creative input nor final approval is required. The review is based on 2 weeks of usage and maybe differ as software update continues. Let’s start the review at below.

Design – Simply simple and compact light

Let’s start with the design. The FP8 is a compact wireless earbuds for sure. The design is really simple and minimalistic while staying compact. The charging case has a circular shape which makes it easy to identify when searching through your pockets or bag. Oh, there is IPX4 rating for the earbuds so you expect to bring them to wet activity.

The charging case is using USB Type-C port so you can use any modern smartphone charger to charge it. There are two LED lights on the charging case where one tells your case battery level and the other notifying the UVnano cleaning process is going on. When you open the case each time, there will be blue light emitting for display only.

You don’t feel the weight when wearing it because LG claimed the official weight for one of the earbuds is about 5 grams. Carrying the case is even better as it only weighs at 39 grams. This is great news for those who love to use their wireless earbuds for workout or outdoor.

The earbuds comes in two colours: Black and White. Depending on your liking, either colours aren’t going to attract too much attention. I will prefer the black colour as I’m a person that is quite untidy.

Ergonomics – Perfect fit

To be honest, there is not much to find fault in the ergonomics for the FP8 as the earbuds shape is remarkably perfect fit for my ears. For long period of usage, you will still maintain the perfect comfortable.

As for the ear tips, it is using a medical-grade ear gels made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone. The ear gel doesn’t easily slipped out and remain really comfy. LG has include three sizes for the ear gels (Small, Medium and Large) in the packaging so you just have to change the one that suits you.

Audio – Great sound with fairly good ANC and Ambient mode

The audio experience for the FP8 is amazing largely thanks to the partnership with Meridian. The audio quality is almost on par with any premium flagship wireless earbuds that may cost even more than the LG TONE Free FP8. You can enjoy using it whether for gaming, movies and music for sure.

You can even explore more audio capabilities with the TONE Free App on your smartphone. For this review, I’m using an Android device and it works well adjusting the settings. The Tone Free App allows you to adjust the ANC, Ambient mode, Earbuds Control, Equaliser, Tone Free Lab, Find My Earbuds, Software Update and various settings.

In the Equaliser, you are given 5 audio setting preset to choose from: Immersive, Natural, Bass Boost, Treble Boost and 3D Sound Stage. Generally, you will be fine with the default Bass Boost settings for your everyday usage. For my review period, I’ve always found myself to use Bass Boost and Immersive the most as they deliver my desired audio settings. I have tried the the 3D Sound Stage but I don’t find myself to be using it regularly as don’t feel it is useful for my everyday music usage.

Now for the Active Noise Cancellation feature on the FP8, it does eliminate around 60-70% percent of background noise. You still can barely hear the background noise when you are at busy outdoor. You can choose High or Low ANC but I would suggest you to use the Low so you don’t feel the pressure from the ANC. So, if you’re looking for a wireless earbuds which its ANC feature can totally eliminate the background noise, this might not be the one. But, I still think the ANC still works just good for most average users unless you’re a true audiophile.

As for the Ambient mode on the LG Tone Free FP8, you get 2 settings to choose from: Listening mode and Conversation Mode. Both mode offers a specific duty depending on your location and activity. Listening mode offers users to get ambient sound while listening to music. This mode is best when you’re doing outdoor workout or walking in the streets so you can listen to passing by vehicles. As for the Conversation mode, you get to listen to voice more clearly at the expense of your audio content getting reduced volume. The one I mostly use for Ambient mode is the Conversation mode as I prefer to be able to listen to what people want to talk to me. I do wished the Ambient mode could have allow the user to increase the ambient sound volume but this is just my nitpicking as the Ambient mode works fairly good.

Battery – Long lasting-ish

Alright, in terms of battery life on the FP8, the earbuds has 68 mAh battery (each) and the charging case packed with a 390 mAh battery. While LG is claiming the earbuds can last more around 10 hours, I find myself to use a maximum of up to 6 hours and it still has a fairly good amount of battery life. The charging case was rated to add another 14 hours but I would say you might want to charge it every 3 days if your usage is 6 hours per day which is same like me. The charging case also supports wireless charging as well though I largely still prefer to use wired charge. Using a wire to charge the case is fairly quick too as I usually took less than 2 hours.

Others – A clean and bacteria-free with Uvnano technology

The FP8 has UVnano technology where LG is advertising it could eliminate 99.9% of bacteria in 5 minutes. While at TrendGrnd we don’t have any special (and expensive) equipment to test the claims, it certainly gives an extra benefit for someone like me who is quite untidy at times, a peace of mind with cleaniless on the earbuds.

Final Verdict

At the moment, the LG TONE Free FP8 is price at RM899 in Malaysia which is marketed towards to premium wireless earbuds. While the sound is amazing, the rest of the function is just performing good at best. If you top up a little bit more, you can get other brands that offers slightly better audio quality with better ANC and Ambient mode. However, none is offering you Uvnano technology like the LG Tone Free FP8.

I can only recommend if you really need a premium wireless earbuds that delivers on its audio quality without forking over RM900, you can consider to get one today.

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