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Read this before owning a BMW electrified vehicle in Malaysia

BMW 530e M Sport

Believe it or not, BMW Group Malaysia has been committed to electrified vehicle in Malaysia. Ever since 2015, BMW Group Malaysia has helped to laid the foundation to progress electrified vehicle in Malaysia. For example, the high-voltage battery pack technology can be found in the latest BMW 530e M Sport and more charging infrastructure showed BMW Group Malaysia to be committed to electrified mobility.

However for electrified vehicle to succeed further, BMW believes that optimal battery technology and driving characteristics has to complement each other. Hence, you can take BMW i models and BMW Hybrid with eDrive Technology vehicles as an example on how BMW continued to wowed the market with their design and technology with their latest electrified mobility.

Convenience and cost-effective maintenance with BMW electrified vehicle

Let’s admit it, most customer who wants to own an electric or hybrid vehicle will be hesitant due to repair and replacement of the battery cells. The BMW high-voltage battery presents solutions to concerns around repair and maintenance by developing their batteries where single modules are replaceable. 

Most of the lithium-ion battery pack that help move every electrified BMW vehicle packs multiple modules (depending on the model of the vehicle) and within each module, multiple cells as well – all intricately connected yet easily replaceable.

Let’s take the iconic BMW 530e M Sport as an example. The high-voltage battery pack in it is made up of six cell modules. Thus, should one of the modules is needed to be replaced, owners need not replace the entire battery pack. Instead, they can simply change that one cell module at a cost of RM 5,000 per cell. While there is a cost involved for the maintenance of the battery cells, BMW Group Malaysia offers a comprehensive warranty coverage of 6 years / 100,000km* for the batteries in its vehicles to provide a peace of mind ownership experience.

Reliability that makes sustainability easier

The BMW i belief of systemic sustainability also means accounting for the end of the high-voltage battery’s life cycle. When a lithium-ion batteries are no longer usable due to wear and tear, BMW stated it can still be used in stationary operations such as those in second life projects like an energy storage facilities. This batteries can be combined together to become buffer or backup storage for power from local energy sources such as solar and wind installations.

The advancements in the electric vehicle segment are not new to the BMW Group, having been a pioneer and leader in electrified mobility since 1981 when the premium automaker first began research and development of an electric vehicle with Asea Brown Boveri – a well-known supplier in the electric power industry. Today, the BMW Group upholds the pioneering legacy of in the electric vehicle industry and brings forth a cleaner long-term solution to mobility. Ultimately, sustainability and responsibility are the only ways to safeguard the future and the future is now.

Hopefully the information above helps you a lot when considering to own a BMW electrified vehicle. If you still need more information on electrified BMW and MINI vehicles, please visit BMW Malaysia’s website HERE or MINI Malaysia’s website HERE. Stay electrified for the future, readers.

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