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Raid remotely with Remote Raid Pass in Pokémon Go

Darkrai, a creature that can influence dreams, is part of the ‘Pokémon Go’ Remote Raid schedule.
© Niantic / The Pokémon Company

Wanted to do a raid in Pokémon Go but you can’t because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? Niantic, the game’s developer, has just allowed Pokémon Go players to play raid at indoors with Remote Raid Pass. Although the pass is an optional purchase, it certainly allows players to access Raid Battles taking place nearby without having to travel to a specific spot.

The Remote Raid Pass also allows player to join up with 19 other players in taking on one of the game’s more fearsome creatures. Players can earn a complimentary Raid Pass each day from a virtual Gym location, though Premium Raid Passes offer greater versatility. The game will be promoting the Remote Raid feature with a roster of returning Pokémon on a three-week rotation. Expect a tough five-star rated Remote Raids challenge with Darkrai (April 28 – May 5), Altered Forme Giratina (May 5 – May 12) and Virizion.

In outlining the design of Remote Raids earlier in the month, Niantic suggested that the feature could remain part of the “Pokémon GO” experience during a period of deconfinement or beyond.

“At launch, Trainers battling in raids remotely will have the same attack power as Trainers who are able to battle at the raid location in person. At a later time, the attack power for Trainers battling remotely will be reduced. Afterward, a Trainer battling at the raid location in person will have higher attack power than a Trainer battling remotely.”

Niantic has been swift to tweak its game to take into account the stay-at-home orders that would otherwise have prevented players from engaging with the traditional “Pokémon Go” experience, making it easier for them to get involved from a distance.

Source: AFP Relaxnews

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