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PUMA Southeast Asia launched the “We Are #MayuGirls” campaign to celebrate everyday women

PUMA Southeast Asia has recently launched the “We Are #MayuGirls” campaign, aiming to celebrate the authenticity and diversity of everyday women. The campaign will showcase everyday women from all walks of life who embody the Mayu Girl attitude – confident, inspiring, and passionate. She is the quintessential role model to her peers; she breaks free from societal limitations and pursues her passion and goals with grit.

The campaign also introduced the new colorway for the reimagined Suede Mayu shoe design, which was modelled by global singer and icon Dua Lipa earlier this year. The Suede Mayu transforms PUMA’s iconic Suede silhouette with a playful take on fashion, combining over-the-top proportions with a wrapped platform midsole. It is cool, comfy, and inherently versatile, making it the perfect everyday shoe.

The stories from the “We Are #MayuGirls” Campaign aim to inspire everyday women to rise, own her passion in her personal and professional journey, and be an inspiration to those around her.

Nur Amisha Binti Azrilrizal, a professional Muay Thai fighter and official Mayu Girl, shares that the Mayu Girl spirit is the embodiment of staying on the course of her passion and reaching for it with all that she has. “Muay Thai has never just been a sport for me, nor has it ever been about the medals. Since young, Muay Thai has been my pillar of strength and a torch to guide me through my darker days when bullying from peers was something I faced. Staying true to who I am and persevering has allowed me to thrive despite that environment. Now, I am standing tall and I am proud to be a part of PUMA’s “We Are #MayuGirls” Campaign – to inspire those who may be experiencing such challenges,” she said.

Malaysian dentist Dr Kayla Teh adds that the spirit of the Mayu Girl is not about pursuing the most extravagant or illustrious career, but about the attitude towards the everyday task. “As a content creator who’s also a full-time dentist, I often get asked on how do I do it all. Truth is, it isn’t easy. But I am a firm believer in hard work and a positive attitude. To me, challenges are not hardships, but opportunities for growth. That’s the Mayu girl spirit that really resonates with me – that no matter what challenges we face, embrace it with the right attitude. Don’t be afraid to pursue our goals with passion and inspire those around us!” she said.

The “We Are #MayuGirls” Campaign will feature more personal yet relatable stories of trailblazing women from all walks of life – from content creators and style icons to dentists, wrestlers, and gamers. PUMA Malaysia’s full list of Mayu Girls include:

In addition to that, limited-edition PUMA Gift Sets are also up for grabs at PUMA stores* upon purchase of a new pair of the Suede Mayu. Included in the pouch are a Suede Cleaner, PUMA Socks, and a 20% off in-store voucher.

For more information about PUMA’s “We Are #MayuGirls” Campaign, visit https://go.puma.com/MY-SuedeMayu.

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