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PUBG Mobile x Polis Evo 3’s launches Operasi Evo with collectable voice packs and in-game items

PUBG Mobile is continuing the partnership with Astro Shaw’s Polis Evo 3 to launch Operasi Evo event, offering exclusive Polis Evo voice packs and in-game items.

The event begins from 27 May to 4 June 2023 which offer players to participate in the Operasi Evo Event happening in-game and redeem official Polis Evo 3 voice packs of Inspektor Khai & Inspektor Sani. Additionally, “AYUH” the official OST for Polis Evo 3 will be available as the Game Lobby Music upon launching PUBG MOBILE. Other rewards include Profile Frames, Profile Picture and Graffiti Spray which completes the full set. 

Below is an overview of all the available items from PUBG MOBILE X Polis Evo 3:

Operasi Evo (27 May – 4 June 2023)
Login 1 DayLobby Music – AYUH (OST Polis Evo 3)
Stay online for 30 MinsProfile Frame + Profile Picture
Complete 3 Matches with friendsGraffiti Spray
Finish 7 Times in the Top 5Inspektor Sani (Basic Edition) – 3 Voicelines
Eliminate 30 EnemiesInspektor Khai (Basic Edition) – 3 Voicelines
Inspektor Khai & Inspektor Sani Voice Packs (27 May – 30 June 2023)
Inspektor Khai (Enhanced Edition) – 8 Voicelines80 Ocean Crystals
Inspektor Sani (Enhanced Edition) – 8 Voicelines80 Ocean Crystals

As part of the launch, PUBG MOBILE has also released an official collaboration video across their social channels. For the PUBG Mobile x Polis Evo 3’s Operasi Evo promo video, it features Inspektor Khai (Shaheizy Sam) & Inspektor Sani (Zizan Razak) on a rescue mission to diffuse a bomb. Fans will also note the special PUBG MOBILE cameo, who joins the ‘supercops’ in their mission.

Don’t forget to catch Polis Evo 3, available in cinemas now. The film has amassed RM3.4 million in early screenings and first day premiere sales. 

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