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PUBG MOBILE x BoBoiBoy launches Elemental vs. Shadow in-game event; exclusive character suits and voice packs featuring famous BoBoiBoy characters 

PUBG MOBILE has announced their collaboration with BoBoiBoy with the official launch of the Elemental vs. Shadow in-game event. The in-game event will happening from 17 February to 1 March 2023 where players can participate to win the exclusive Elemental Burst Set inspired by BoBoiBoy. Players will have to play five matches in order to redeem the head gear, and finish the match within the Top 5 seven times to redeem the rest of the suit. The Elemental Burst Suit redemption is open to all PUBG MOBILE players for the duration of the event.  

Players can also visit the in-game shop where they will be able to cop the exclusive Shadow Reign Suit inspired by Fang. PUBG MOBILE is also bringing the titular characters of BoBoiBoy to life with limited edition voice packs featuring BoBoiBoy, Fang and Adudu. The voice pack features five voice lines from each character and will be available for purchase in the in-game shop.  

For players who missed out on the exclusive BoBoiBoy helmet and backpack released in phase one, fret not as you will now be able to purchase these exclusive items from the in-game store for a limited time only. All items in the shop will be available for purchase from now until 31 March 2023. 

“We are excited to unveil the next phase of this collaboration to PUBG MOBILE players. In the first phase, we put the power into players hands by integrating elements of the popular show within gameplay mechanics itself. Now, we’re bring our players exclusive cosmetics and voice packs for them to truly embody their favourite BoBoiBoy characters,” says Adil Hisham, Marketing Manager for PUBG MOBILE, Malaysia 

The collaboration began back in October 2022 with the BoBoiBoy Elemental Rush event, where PUBG MOBILE players could collect and redeem exclusive BoBoiBoy-themed in-game items.  

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