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Pizza Hut Malaysia uplifts 2021 April Fool’s Day by delivering pizza in a supercar

Pizza Hut Malaysia just launched hottest pizza delivery, to deliver the tastiest pizza with a supercar in conjunction for April Fool’s Day.

This campaign is one of Pizza Hut’s cheeky ways in uplifting customers spirits in receiving pizza and turning ordinary delivery moments into extraordinary fun moments using the least expected way, in conjunction with the April Fools’ Day.

“Pizza Hut has always been known for bringing so much more than “just” pizza- everything we do celebrates the pizza itself, and the power it has to turn an ordinary moment into a fun and memorable experience. This year, what better way to celebrate and amp up the fun spirit of April Fool’s Day than by pranking our customers with this unexpected twist in our delivery service,” said Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut Malaysia.

“We always believe that anticipating your Pizza’s arrival should be as fun and exciting as eating your pizza. Hence, we’ve made our deliveries today specially powered by the ultimate and hottest ride, to make the delivery moment an awesome experience that one can always
expect from Pizza Hut.”

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