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PChomeSEA’s new promotion for Taiwanese Mid-Autumn Mooncakes, free shipping and 15% discounts onwards

Straight to your doorstep! Enjoy free shipping and 15% discounts for orders above SG$60!

TAIPEI, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With the Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, PChomeSEA, a subsidiary of Taiwan’s largest e-commerce platform, PChome, has launched the Taiwanese mid-autumn mooncakes special promotion on the Qoo10 platform. Beginning today, customers can enjoy discounts on all products starting at 15% off and free shipping for a minimum purchase. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by ethnic Chinese communities, and the gifting of mooncakes during this period is a custom symbolizing reunions and the expression of gratitude. This year, PChomeSEA is dedicating a webpage featuring selected mooncakes brands from Taiwan offering free shipping for purchases over SG$60 and discounts starting at 15% off. Customers can also earn 5% additional Qpoints by completing a post-order feedback. Customers in Singapore need not waste time and effort traveling and standing in queue lines to obtain gifts. Everything is available on PChomeSEA. Must-buy traditional pastries from Taiwan are shipped directly to Singapore within 7 to 10 days. During this festive season, the authentic flavors of Taiwan can be enjoyed by customers and their loved ones under the full Mid-Autumn moon.

PChomeSEA is dedicating a webpage featuring selected mooncakes brands from Taiwan offering free shipping for purchases over SG$60 and discounts starting at 15% off.

Based on a report by Market Research[1], the demand for baked goods and cereals among ethnic Chinese Singaporeans totaled US$700 million in 2019. According to Sam Tsai, Managing Director of PChomeSEA, “As a result of the pandemic, customers have resorted to purchasing mooncake gift sets online, which has greatly increased the demand for direct shipping and opened up new opportunities for contact-free gifting. As the largest Taiwanese product e-commerce platform in Singapore, PChomeSEA expects to provide a wider range of high-quality and affordable Taiwanese products to everyone.” Taking hold of the vast business opportunities during the mid-autumn gifting season, PChomeSEA has introduced more than 20 hundred-year-old pastry stores and unique patisseries from Taiwan, offering not only the ever-popular pineapple cakes, but also traditional pastries beloved by locals such as sun cakes, sweetheart cakes, salted egg yolk pastries, pineapple cakes, and mooncakes. All delicacies can be delivered directly from the bakery to a customer’s doorsteps by a single click, allowing customers to relish the taste with friends and family or as a personal treat. With sales expected to exceed a thousand boxes, PChomeSEA hopes to reinforce itself as a top choice for mid-autumn gift sets by offering an abundance of goods and promotions.

PChomeSEA offers a wide variety of top-selling products from renowned Taiwanese brands. From Li Yi Bakery which is famous across Taiwan, the freshly baked, handmade, and crusty traditional pineapple cakes and sun cakes are perfect as gifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival, making them one of the best sellers on PChomeSEA. The tastefully sweet pastries from the hundred-year-old bakery Yi Zhen Zhai are a must-buy in Nantou County, ranging from multi-textured sweetheart cakes to flaky, soft, and flavorful, salted egg yolk pineapple cakes. Tartine is not only famous for its native pineapple cakes and pineapple cakes with mango filling, its salted, egg yolk lava mooncakes are available with different fillings inside a crispy crust, and packed in a European-style packaging, greatly enhancing the appeal of the gift. It is not surprising it’s consistently a top-seller on PChomeSEA. Zero Starch House’s traditional delicacies are crafted from starch-free flour, meeting customer needs for low-sugar and low-carb foods. The crispy exterior and delicate texture of Zero Starch House’s highly popular low-sugar pineapple cakes are entirely filled with an irresistible salted egg yolk, making them the perfect option for health-conscious consumers.

Dedicated section for Taiwanese Mid-Autumn Mooncakes on PChomeSEA: https://pse.is/PChomeSEA_SG

[1] MarketResearch.com – Bakery and Cereals in Singapore

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