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Panasonic’s nanocare Hair Solution Roadshow at Sunway Pyramid showcase innovative Hair and Scalp Care

Panasonic Malaysia is hosting their Panasonic nanocare Hair Solution Roadshow from 2 – 5 November 2023 at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Central Avenue (in front of Gigi Coffee). The event is set to showcase its groundbreaking innovative nanocare that combines beauty needs and cutting-edge technology for hair and scalp care and solutions.

Going with the theme of “Bye Bye Dryness, Hello Awesome!”, Panasonic’s renowned nanoe and Double Mineral Hair Dryer EH-NA98, which provides total care of hair, scalp and even skin in addition to hair drying will be the heart of the roadshow. This hair dryer is infused with Panasonic’s proprietary nanoe technology that provides nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles that penetrate deep in the hair, creating an optimal water balance that results in smooth and shiny hair. At the same time, moisturising the skin and scalp. Complementing the nanoe technology, the Double Mineral Ions tightens hair cuticles and minimising damage. 

During the Panasonic nanocare Hair Solution Roadshow, customers can experience the world of Panasonic’s nanocare series and nanoe technology in person. Professional hairstylists will dazzle with live hair styling and treatment sessions using the EH-NA98 hair dryer to show you instant results. 

Exclusive promotions will be offered on the EH-NA98 during the roadshow. A special gashapon machine will be filled with up to 2000 exciting gifts for customers to win. To participate in the gashapon activity, customers simply need to follow at least two of Panasonic’s official social media platforms and post on their own social media platform about the roadshow. Alternatively, customers can complete a survey about the Panasonic Roadshow to get one chance to play the gashapon machine.

All customers who purchase the nanoe and Double Mineral Hair Dryer EH-NA98 during the roadshow will receive their choice of one free gift with purchase (GWP), such as a Panasonic nanocare hair treatment worth RM400 at 50 Percent Hair Salon or a Panasonic exclusive cosmetics bag. Vouchers are limited to one per customer and are available in limited quantities, on a first come first serve basis.  

To find out more on this hair-citing event, please check out and follow Panasonic’s official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mypanasonic/posts/706290751535691  

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