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OPPO Malaysia’s ‘Play With Heart’ Campaign Will Be Swinging Off Soon with Prizes to be Won!

OPPO is set to launch its “Play With Heart” campaign in Malaysia soon, in celebration of the brand’s global official partnership with the prestigious Wimbledon tennis tournament. The partnership is a homage to OPPO’s and tennis’ shared pursuit of beauty and elegance through innovative design and technology. 

Swinging off on the 28th June, the “Play With Heart” campaign aims to capture the excitement and passion both on and off the courts of the Wimbledon tournament, bringing the fervor to tennis and sports fans alike across Malaysia. The campaign will feature tributes from both fans and influencers across the globe, all sharing in their love for the sport.

As a lead up to the campaign, OPPO is warming up with a fun, simple challenge with exciting Wimbledon merchandise as prizes to be won! The challenge? Simply guess the number of tennis balls!

The steps to take part in the #PlayWithHeart Ball Guessing Game are simple:

  1. Visit OPPO Malaysia’s Official Facebook page or follow this link to locate the video post with an “X3” made out of tennis balls.
  2. Guess the number of balls in the comment section under the post. Hashtag #GuessWithHeart & tag 3 friends.
  3. Eligible winners will be selected based on how accurate their guesses are!

The winners of the challenge will be announced in the comments section on 1st July, with:

1 x Wimbledon Championship Towel pair for the first participant who successfully guesses the exact number.

10 x Wimbledon Bottle for 10 subsequent participants who successfully guess the exact or closest to the exact number of balls.

10 x Wimbledon Shopper Bag for 10 randomly selected lucky winners.

If you’re confident in your guessing skills, give the #PlayWithHeart Ball Guessing Game a shot! Also, stay tuned to OPPO Malaysia’s Official Facebook page for further information on the upcoming #PlayWithHeart campaign.

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