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OnePlus Celebrates 9th Anniversary with a New Benchmark in Co-Creation

OnePlus celebrates its ninth year since its incorporation in 2013. True to its “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus continues making waves in the industry this year, especially by growing and maintaining an active community – now with over 30 million Red Cable Club members globally. OnePlus has also marked an enviable record year, with a number of new products slated for global launch in the coming months.

OnePlus Credits Its Success to the Support and Contribution from Its Users.

OnePlus continues its growth in the global market, outperforming in Asia Pacific (APAC) and India with 43.8% and 104.6% YoY growth in the first three quarters of 2022 respectively. OnePlus also ranks No.1 in the affordable premium 5G smartphone market and the overall affordable premium smartphone segment in India in Q3 2022. 

“2022 is a meaningful year for OnePlus. Without the support of our global users, many of our great achievements would not have been possible,” says Kinder Liu, President of OnePlus. “We live by the motto ‘Never Settle’ and are committed to delivering the best products and experiences to customers. Valuable feedback, insights, and ideas from our users motivate us to keep exploring and challenging ourselves.”

Community is the driving force behind OnePlus. The user-oriented brand boasts one of the most active communities in the industry, and constantly incorporates user feedback into its products. To better engage with its users and harness collective creativity, OnePlus launched a co-creation program, Power of Community, back in May 2021, empowering users to share their innovation over the entire creative process, from ideation to fruition. Since its introduction, Power of Community has conceived several high-quality product concepts through its close-knitted community.

A New Benchmark for Co-creating with Users.

To take co-creation to the next, ambitious level, OnePlus unveils the OnePlus Featuring platform. Co-creation as one of the fundamental cultures of OnePlus, will continue to be embraced and evolved, by working with 3rd parties that share the same vision with OnePlus. The co-created market-ready product will be introduced via the new ‘OnePlus Featuring’ platform, which will be rolled-out gradually across the global market.

From earlier this year, OnePlus has held several rounds of voting among its users to decide which new product to produce next. The verdict dictates that OnePlus will soon release its very first mechanical and customisable keyboard. To bring a better experience, this new keyboard will be created in collaboration with established mechanical keyboard manufacturer Keychron. It will be the first time that OnePlus introduces an industry partner to join its community co-creation process, and the product will also be available in the APAC region.

Stay tuned as more details of the mechanical keyboard will be announced early next year. Please visit OnePlus Malaysia’s official Facebook, Instagram, and OnePlus Community pages, or our official Website to receive timely alerts.Visit OnePlus.com to find more activities about OnePlus 9th Anniversary.

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