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OnePlus celebrates 9th Anniversary by showcasing concept AR Wearables and Mechanical Keyboard

As OnePlus continues to celebrates its 9th Anniversary, the brand has always takes feedback from users as encouragement and motivation in its continuous pursuit of excellence and high-quality technology.

Design from OnePlus community user @Concept Central

Together with its community, OnePlus held the first OnePlus AR Wearables Design Contest, which garnered the interest of 50,000 users within two weeks. After pre-selection and nomination from professional designers and product managers, followed by voting from community users, OnePlus community user @Concept Central won the first prize and got the chance to co-create a non-functioning prototype together with Industrial Designers and AR experts from OPPO Research Institute.

Apart from that, OnePlus launched OnePlus Featuring in December 2022, a brand-new platform which has been launched gradually across the global market to aid its co-creation journey. The first product for OnePlus Featuring is a customizable mechanical keyboard, which the brand confirmed to be available in multiple countries. The product also brought Keychron to involved into the co-creation process through technical support and collaboration. 

The keyboard will come with double gasket mount design, which will make typing an enjoyable motion that you are able to go through every day no matter working or gaming. Meanwhile, the Aluminum Body ensures the quality and premium texture of the keyboard. CNC aluminum manufacturing guarantees the best hand feeling as cool as a crafted aerolite touch and provides weight and durability for long-term usage and stabilization.

To facilitate the whole working experience, this keyboard fits macOS perfectly. The layout is as same as the MacBook keyboard and covers Windows as well, which suits all major working requirements for a keyboard. Apart from this, it also provides a connection with Linux, ideally handling all occupations. 

The mechanical keyboard also supports all the customizable keyboard’s advanced features like hot-swappable and open-source firmware. Hot-swappable allows for easy change of switches by users themselves, increasing the keyboard’s playability.

Visit OnePlus.com to find more activities about OnePlus 9th Anniversary. At the time of writing, OnePlus Malaysia has yet to confirmed the availability of the mechanical keyboard, so stay tune for more local availability.

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