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OnePlus 10T’s new design set to introduces new aesthetic and feature

OnePlus 10T is set to bring a new purposeful, burdenless design philosophy, which aims to provide natural, comfortable, and liberating experiences for the user. According to Hope Liu, Chief Designer of OnePlus, he revealed that while OnePlus 10T will retain OnePlus 10 Pro’s iconic camera module and unibody design, 10T will carries aesthetic elements that are distinctively its own.

One of the key talking point for the OnePlus 10T is removal of the signature alert slider. The omission of the alert slider will add higher wattage, super-fast charging with two charging pumps, a larger battery capacity, and better antenna signal in the OnePlus 10T. All this has been achieved without increasing the thickness or weight of the device, thus keeping true to the burdenless design philosophy.

Another key highlight of the OnePlus 10T is the “crater” design – where the device’s rear glass panel seamlessly merges with its camera system. This has been expertly achieved using heat bending glass technology to give a smoother curvature to the camera system.

Going along with the new design language is the new Jade Green colourway for the OnePlus 10T in Malaysia, a refinement of a colourway that has been widely popular with users. Inspired by the warm and soft texture of ceramic and jade, the colourway purposefully takes on a lighter shade than that of the actual gemstone – adding a younger and fresher quality to the colourway.

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