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Neybrfood offers Malaysian to taste freshly prepared, home cooked meals from home chefs and small bakers

Neybrfood is a platform in Malaysia for food artisans to market and sell their products online and offering Malaysians to enjoy hearty homemade meals from a selection of various foodpreneurs. Malaysians can expect to taste from crunchy premium cookies, to decadent cakes and deliciously warm and tasty meals that feels like home. The platform aims to help aspiring foodpreneurs in order management, marketing, and food delivery.

Their name is actually a play on the word “neighbours”, which alludes to their mission of empowering home chefs from all walks of life, not just professional chefs but also home bakers, home-entrepreneurs, micro-sellers and small food businesses. The company lead by Donovan Tan, the co-founder and CEO of Neybrfood with co-founders Aaron Wong and Allen Han Hao which officially launched Neybrfood on 19th November 2020. 

Neybrfood now is home to over 39 different home chefs, including niche food products, where consumers get to choose from traditional kuih-muih, Western, Korean and Japanese dishes, to cakes, condiments, drinks and desserts, as well as keto, vegan and vegetarian food. Among the brands on the platform are Poshies Home Kitchen, a series of homemade 100% peanut butter; Add ONzz, which features classic condiments such as crunchy bitter gourd chips, crispy shallots, and crunchy garlic chips; and Ancient Remedies, 100% natural handcrafted kombucha with unique flavours such as orange & lemon, apple & lemon and orange & apple; as well as Kookiemonster, which was started by a fitness coach; Bratwurst-lah, a brand selling homemade artisan sausages and burger patties; and Seketol, which serves HALAL certified, delectable, tasty and authentic Nyonya Kuih.

With a wide range of goods and sellers to choose from on the website and some even catering to large party orders, consumers get to enjoy high-quality, special homemade food for all occasions. While delivery is fulfilled by Neybrfood’s delivery partners, Muslim consumers or those with a special diet restrictions do not need to worry as all orders are delivered from Muslim homes.

On the choice to only run on a pre-order basis, Donovan explained that while on-demand food delivery services like Grab and Foodpanda are still the preferred choice for most consumers, it is often not easy for these businesses to be on those platforms, despite some efforts from the Government like Penjana. For businesses that are run by only one person, fulfilling orders on-demand can get very tiring and sometimes almost impossible. Often, they also don’t make enough to cover the cost of commission.

Besides taking charge of the order and delivery management, Neybrfood also provides food photography and marketing services such as brand logo designs, menu designs and more with an aim to aid vendors in gaining additional exposure for their brand online. There are also no sign-up fees or listing fees, and Neybrfood only takes a small commission once a sale is made.

To place an order, customers can browse by location or meals in the header bar at the top of Neybrfood’s webpage. Simply select your desired meal and place your order by selecting:

  1. Quantity
  2. Date and Time
  3. Your pre-order meals will be delivered to you on your chosen day.

Delivery is currently fulfilled by courier services such as Lalamove and Mr Speedy. For more information, please visit neybrfood.com

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