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Newest Feature, Accurate Online is Going to be the Solution for Manufacture Business in Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Accurate Online, one of the online accounting software developers in Indonesia has officially launched the manufacturing feature today (14/04/21). The feature will put the business owner at ease when managing the production process.

Work Order Monitoring View in Accurate Manufacture

Work Order Monitoring View in Accurate Manufacture

This manufacture feature – or will be called “Add-on Manufaktur” – is an additional feature on Accurate Online that will be useful for the business owner to manage production process that required certain standards, as a manufacturing company.

Baskara Aji, Marketing Manager Accurate Online, mentioned, “in manufacture business, cost efficiency is crucial. Therefore, manufacture business owner needs a system that will help them to understand the detailed production process, then knowing which stages are not up to standards that causing waste.”

“Hence, we launched Add-on Manufaktur that will help the business owner to supervise the production process conveniently. With various complete production reports, the business owner will gain insight into how efficient their current production is,” Ali continued.

There are at least three advantageous points of this additional feature. First, it will accelerate the production planning process. Manufacture business owner will easily calculate the production estimation cost with the help of additional features such as production formulas (Bill of Material) and raw material stocks availability information.

Second, the business owner can keep a detailed eye on the whole ongoing production process. For example, there is a case where the raw material is run out of stocks in the middle of the production process without knowing which process affect it, and with the help of Accurate’s Manufacture feature, this kind of problem will be easily minimized.

Third, this feature will encourage the business owner to enhance production efficiency. It comes up with a complete production report that will help the business owner to objectively assess their production process.

The way to use the Manufacturing Add-on is also exceptionally simple. If users already subscribed to Accurate Online, they will be able to access the Manufacturing Add-on in the Accurate Store menu.

But if users have not subscribed to Accurate Online, they can try Add-on Manufaktur and other Accurate Online’s essential features for free within 30 days by visiting accurate.id official page.

“We hope with this Add-on Manufaktur, many young business owners will feel at ease to run their business in an easy, agile, and efficient way,” said Aji.

About Accurate

Accurate is the most comprehensive accounting software in Indonesia that brought a mission to develop affordable, easy to use, as well as innovative products for all business owner in Indonesia. Currently, Accurate is trusted by 377.000 business owner in Indonesia. With various features offered, Accurate believe they will be able to help every business owner to run their business easier and faster. For further information, please visit accurate.id.

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