New XPS Desktop hits Malaysia market on early Dec 2021

Dell has announced the availability of the New XPS Desktop in Malaysia from early December 2021. The new desktop is now nearly 42% larger than its predecessor (27L vs 19L) and it ushers in an expansive suite of next-gen performance technologies and a more robust cooling architecture, making this the most powerful XPS Desktop ever made. 

The XPS Desktop suits creators, gamers, and virtually anyone who prefer a minimalist design that has a heavy-hitter performance. So let’s find out more below.

A workhorse performance not to messed around with

Good news for those who need serious performance for their desktop as the New XPS Desktop will be packing with the 12th Gen Intel Core desktop processors (up to i9) and can be paired with either NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs (up to a 3090) or AMD Radeon RX GPUs (up to a 6900 XT). The new XPS Desktop will capitalising on the brand new DDR5 memory that supports up to 50% faster clock speed than DDR4 as well as PCIe Gen5.

Cool kid on the block with liquid cooling

With good performance on desktop also needs good thermal and airflow design. For the XPS desktop, the engineers at Dell thoughtfully redesigned the thermal architecture of the device to maximise performance and soften the acoustics through improving airflow. The front bezel of the chassis is designed to intake cool air and move it from the front and out the back.

According to Dell, the new XPS Desktop is up to 21% cooler under load (with a 125W cooling solution); or up to 18% cooler under load with liquid cooling (when compared to the new 125W thermal solution). And the new high RPM fans (up to 5,000 RPM) operate more efficiently at slower speeds which helps makes the system quieter. Overall, Dell is claiming the new desktop is 50%+ quieter under load over previous generations.

In Malaysia, the new XPS Desktop will be offered in Night Sky colour. 

Easy DIY for future upgrade

With the toolless entry chassis, you can easily upgrade the CPU, GPU, memory, storage and more on the new XPS Desktop.

A professional support

Providing an outstanding entertainment or office set-up doesn’t stop at the hardware—software, support and services complete the Dell experience.

Dell Technologies offers 24×7 phone support, automated, proactive and predictive issues detection, and onsite service after remote diagnosis. Learn more about Dell Premium Support Plus and additional services here.

With Dell Mobile Connect, you can seamlessly integrate your Dell PC with your smartphone. Both Android and iOS users can now make calls, send texts, fully mirror your phone screen to use your apps, and get notifications and drag and drop files between your phone and Dell device. Dell Mobile Connect is available to download for free from the Microsoft Store.

At the moment, Dell Malaysia has stated the price for the new XPS Desktop will start at RM5,999 and they will be running Windows 11 out of the box. Stay tuned here for more updates on the new XPS Desktop in Malaysia!

Credited to Dell Malaysia

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