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New ChatGPT plugin and generative AI courses help learners and employers build in-demand skills on Coursera

The rapid adoption of Generative AI is prompting learners to increasingly recognize its significance, thereby driving a surge in demand for generative AI learning content on Coursera. Just this April, there was a 230% year-on-year increase in on-platform searches for courses that cover generative AI. 

Since then, Coursera has been receiving feedback from learners about the new generative AI skills they have learned and applied in their careers as well as from employers looking to scale generative AI skills across their workforce to improve customer offerings and productivity. To address the global community’s hunger for this new technology, Coursera has recently announced a new ChatGPT plugin and a growing selection of generative AI projects, courses, and Specializations.

Expanding personalized discovery and guidance with a new ChatGPT plugin 

A Coursera plugin is now available directly within the ChatGPT interface. It combines the power of generative AI with Coursera’s trusted catalog of 5,800+ courses, 3,500+ projects, 750+ Specializations, and 50+ degrees to provide learners with personalized guidance. 

To access the plugin, learners must be ChatGPT Plus users. When logged in to their account, they must go to Settings > Beta features > select enable Plugins. The plugin store will then be accessible when using GPT-4 via a dropdown menu. Within the store, learners can search for “Coursera,” then select and install the plugin for free. Once installed, learners can enable and disable the plugin when using GPT-4. 

Learners can use the plugin to identify the right learning content on Coursera to hone their skills in a given subject or career field. Akin to an academic counselor, the plugin can help pinpoint specific courses based on what the learner says they are interested in exploring. The plugin sorts through the thousands of offerings on Coursera to recommend just a few pieces of learning content, including a brief description and direct link.

This marks a continued expansion of Coursera’s generative AI-powered products and features. Previously, the Coursera Coach and course building tool were designed to support learners and educators on the Coursera platform. With the new ChatGPT plugin, Coursera is able to leverage AI alongside the world-class content on the platform to serve learners off-platform as well. 

Serving learners with generative AI learning content from top educators  

In a rapidly evolving field like AI, where advancements are constant, learners are always on the lookout for more cutting-edge AI courses to improve their knowledge. In response to this demand, Coursera has unveiled a curated collection of over 20 pieces of gen AI-focused learning content available to learners globally, from individuals keeping their skills sharp to a CHRO preparing an entire workforce for relentless disruption. Moreover, Coursera’s expansion course offerings encompass an extensive spectrum of skills that help equip learners to work with AI more broadly, like machine learning, linear algebra, Python, and much more. 

Among the popular beginner Projects, Courses, and Specializations include:

For more advanced learners, they can also opt for the Intermediate/Advanced Projects, Courses, and Specializations that are tailored to further elevate their expertise and proficiency, including:

The future of work is knocking at the door with a greater emphasis on the critical role of AI as an indispensable ally for success, potentially propelling businesses toward a future where growth knows no bounds. Coursera is committed to providing learners with the content and tools they need to pursue their interests and goals, whether that’s learning the latest technologies or exploring new career paths and possibilities. 

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