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Never Sleeps drops new single ‘You Got The Love’ featuring Afrojack and Chico Rose; first artists to release on Tomorrowland Music

Afrojack’s new brainchild, Never Sleeps, has drop its latest single ‘You Got The Love’ with rising star Chico Rose. The single will be released by Tomorrowland’s brand-new music label, Tomorrowland Music and Afrojack is the first artist to release with the music label.

‘You Got The Love’ has an uplifting banger which certainly suited for those who are into EDM songs. Be sure to check the music video for the track as well.

Here is what Afrojack and Chico Rose has to say on the collaboration and the latest track:

L-R: Chico Rose and Afrojack

Afrojack: “Never Sleeps is a project which is basically just there to emphasize dance music built for the festivals and clubs. Within the music industry, there’s a lot of pressure on artists to keep their brands relevant or to try new things and challenges. With Never Sleeps, it’s just about the music and the people – making music for people on the dancefloor and celebrating life. It’s not just me, it’s me and other artists – whoever feels like they would love to do something together. No pressure, no genre. It’s just all about the music. Our first release ‘You Got The Love’ feels like a full-on dance music festival anthem and that’s why we started to collaborate with Tomorrowland and its brand-new label Tomorrowland Music. Very exciting!” 

Chico Rose: “You call it madness, we call it love. We started this project during the summer 2 years ago. We’ve worked for 6 months straight together in the studio and we are really happy to finally release it.”  

You can stream or download Never Sleeps’ ‘You Got The Love’ at all major music streaming service by clicking here.

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