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My OPPO Space Pavilion Bukit Jalil opening is a big hit with Malaysians

From the left we have Monica, Rachel, Kung Suan Ai, Darren Fan, Apple Lai, Mars Yee, Nikki Chen Lu and Jasper Lim

OPPO has recently opened its eleventh My OPPO Space at Pavilion Bukit Jalil over the Christmas weekend and was well received with Malaysians. The My OPPO Space attracted many shoppers to visit and have their first-hand experience at the new and refined space. During the opening event, OPPO prepared a series of activities and promotions for OPPO customers, which included an exciting 2 Hours Flash Sales, customers’ favourite Buy & Giveaway promotion, lucky draw and free gifts.

The opening event began with a festive green lion dance to signify and receive good luck and fortune for the space. At the same time, it also entertained customers by creating a joyous atmosphere for the opening.

Following the lion dance was the ribbon cutting ceremony led by Darren Fan, Retail Director of OPPO Malaysia; Kung Suan Lai, Director of Marketing of Pavilion Bukit Jalil; Nikki Chen Lu, Marketing Director of OPPO Malaysia; Apple Lai, Director of Apple Two Mobile; Mars Yee, Director of Apple Two Mobile; Jasper Lim, Regional General Manager of OPPO Malaysia; Rachel, Customer Services Manager of OPPO Malaysia and Monice, OBS General Manager of OPPO Malaysia, that marked the official opening of the My OPPO Space at Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

After the ceremony, My OPPO Space at Pavilion Bukit Jalil was occupied by a continuous crowd of OPPO customers, all lining up to seize their chance not just to win free gifts but also to grab the OPPO Reno5 F at the cheapest deal ever. A total of 200 units of OPPO Reno5 F was sold in just 2 hours, at the price of RM799 only!

Not only that, O Fans had also been invited to join the special O-Time session and OEM class (a class given by OPPO Experienced Manager)!

Each visitor was not only served with free gifts and Starbucks coffee, but was also offered the best service on the spot by OPPO staff, who were glad to resolve any questions or doubts from the customers.

Accentuating value over product, My OPPO Space was built to serve as a space to facilitate interaction between OPPO and customers. It is not just a retail outlet, but an interactive space and service center that ensures customers’ experiences and needs are fully met via exciting in-store experiences and activities.

In terms of space design, the IOT interactive space has been maximized, so that users can experience the seamless connection between smartphone and IOT. In terms of operation, customers are engaged via different themed activities constantly, such as O-carpet and O-Time (baking class, art class, movie night etc.). In terms of services, fast and convenient aftersales services are implemented, including services such as 1-hour fast fix.

Credited to OPPO Malaysia

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