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More than 500 local fans attended Maximillian’s first debut showcase in Malaysia

*Photo Credits to Jordan Tan 

3x platinum singer-songwriter Maximillian came to Malaysia on and performed for the first time ever in front of local crowd at The Bee Publika on 31st July which drew over 500 local fans.  

Hailing from humble beginnings in inner city Copenhagen, Maximillian started his journey as an artist at 19 and made global waves through his first debut release “Beautiful Scars” which was a fan favourite of the night. With a sea of yellow daisies paying homage to the singer’s country and his ‘Beautiful Scars’ music video, it made the welcome of Maximillian’s arrival in Malaysia intimate yet exhilarating.  

“The wonderful night brought out so much love and gratitude as I was finally able to meet my Malaysian fans in person. Performing for them and hearing them sing-along to my songs as they waved their flowers at me gave me such a euphoric feeling.” 

L-R: Athalia and Meer Nash
*Photo Credits to Jordan Tan 

Local rising stars, Meer Nash and Athalia, opened up for the showcase with their hit singles “Saranghae” and “We Go Up” respectively along with additional songs and covers highlighting to the Danish artist just how passionate Malaysian fans are.  

“Watching from backstage how the crowd enthusiastically engaged with both Meer Nash and Athalia showed me how supportive Malaysians are to their homegrown talent. Their showmanship plus the energy of the crowd made my first showcase here in Kuala Lumpur a memorable one which I hope will be the start of more opportunities for me to come back and perform.”  

Universal Music Malaysia’s Managing Director, Kim Lim (right to Maximillian)

Having overseen the showcase come together, Universal Music Malaysia’s Managing Director, Kim Lim, shared that having Maximillian as the first international artist showcase meant a promising new beginning for the music industry post-pandemic, “It’s quite a joyful moment to see that the industry is back to on-ground activation with having true fans make their way to come and enjoy the music. Seeing Maximillian perform live is definitely an unique experience versus listening to him through a streaming platform. The fans’ happy faces and hearing them sing-along to ‘Beautiful Scars’ was heart-warming and motivates us to to bring him back again to Malaysia for more shows really soon.” 

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