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Mobile photography that covers every length for everyone – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

200MP main camera, 12MP Ultrawide camera, 10MP 3X optical zoom telephoto camera and 10MP 10X optical zoom telephoto camera of the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Be it whether you’re a content creator, journalist, businessman or just an average user, mobile photography has surely played a big role with our modern life. We captured every moment so much easier with our smartphone camera, however, mobile photography still has some limitations. But in 2023, it seems mobile photography has continue to wow-ed with amazing hardware and computational photography.

One prime example in this article that I would like to feature is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, which has hardware and software for the best, if not, greatest mobile photography experience.

The new 12MP selfie camera

But firstly, let me explain the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera specifications. This year, the Galaxy S23 Ultra packs a new 200MP main camera, 12MP Ultrawide camera, 10MP 3X optical zoom telephoto camera and 10MP 10X optical zoom telephoto camera. The quad rear camera setup allows any users to cover any length without hassle. For those who love selfie, a brand new 12MP front camera, which its aim to provide even better clarity and high quality selfie photo.

The new 200MP main camera delivers two type of photos: a 16-in-one binning 12MP photo and a full 200MP photo. For any situation and conditions, the main camera produces photos that are clear and sharp. Dynamic range for the main camera is also getting better with the improved computational photography which produces an almost identical DSLR camera-like photos. As for the full 200MP photo, this mode is best to be used for scenery or a subject that is far away because you can perform lossless crop zoom during your editing. It is also important to note that the rear cameras of the Galaxy S23 Ultra uses Corning Gorilla Glass DX+ lens to help reduce lens flaring especially when bright light shine directly on the camera.

The 12MP ultrawide camera continues to allow the users to take photos on wider subject or when you’re in a narrow space. Delivering bright and detailed ultrawide shots, the ultrawide camera on the S23 Ultra is definitely one of the best for the premium flagship smartphone. The ultrawide camera also acts as a macro camera when you need shoot a closeup subject.

Both the 10MP 3X optical zoom telephoto camera and 10MP 10X optical zoom telephoto camera still deliver a game changer for zoom and portrait shots. The 3X optical zoom telephoto camera delivers zoom shots that retain nice details, especially when you are standing a bit far from the subject. The 10X optical zoom telephoto camera is great when you needed to capture speaker face or subjects that are a bit not easy for accessible. The 100x zoom on the Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn’t just allow users for moonshot but also let you see what is up ahead without going near.

The new 12MP front camera offers one of the best selfie shots for a premium flagship smartphone. You can slightly zoom out to take a wider shot for wefie/group photos. The S23 Ultra selfie photos offers good dynamic range and bright photos.

When the lighting conditions are getting difficult, all the cameras on the S23 Ultra is capable to use Night mode, bringing sharper and clearer night shots without noise. For those who are planning to unlock the full potential of the Galaxy S23 Ultra camera, the Expert RAW mode will allow users to shoot RAW photos and edit on Lightroom app for editing and adding their creativity flair. Did you know that Expert RAW not only works on the rear cameras but also works with the selfie camera? Elevate your selfie or subject today with Expert RAW.

Without any doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been a tremendous game changer for those who need the best mobile photography solutions. No gimmick, just solution for every length for everyone to take their best shot. Don’t wait and get yours now, if you’re ready to enter to the world of mobile photography.

You can also watch my review video of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, where I try to review it as a media/content creator and give a real feedback living with it 24 hours. Alternatively, you can read the written review article of the Galaxy S23 Ultra by clicking here.

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