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MILO with Loka Made releases Limited Edition MILO Tins 2021 Collection for Merdeka and Malaysia Day; has AR feature and chance to win MILO merchandise

MILO has announced they are collaborating with Loka Made to release the Limited Edition 1.5kg Tin 2021 Collection for 2021 Merdeka and Malaysia Day. This limited edition collection will be a much-coveted collector’s item which, in a first this year, has augmented reality (AR) feature.

Available in two designs, the Limited Edition MILO Tin 2021 Collection pays homage to the unique ways Malaysians enjoy their MILO: One, at a humble street side warung, while the other, at a nostalgic kopitiam. The AR feature will brings the heritage to life by simply scanning the QR code on the tins, Malaysians can enjoy an interactive 3D experience with the warung and kopitiam designs. 

MILO also inviting all Malaysians to show off just how uniquely Malaysian they are by sharing their most Malaysian MILO and meal pairing through Peraduan Kita Kan Malaysia. All you need to do is to snap a photo of your favourite MILO and meal pairing at home together with the Limited Edition MILO Tin and upload it to their social media feed with #MILOMerdekaMalaysiaDay and #TimeforMILO for a chance to win exclusive MILO merchandise.

The Limited Edition MILO Tin 2021 Collection is available now through 16 September, 2021 from a store near you and online via major e-commerce sites, while stocks last. For more information, go to: https://www.milo.com.my/MILO-Tins-Merdeka-Edition.

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