MILO Champions Clinic E-Coaching aims to help young Malaysians train at home in the new normal

In the wake of recent developments that have compelled strict social distancing measures, and in some places school closures, parents are turning to MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching to continue fuelling their children’s passion for sports while staying safe at home. 

MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching takes the on-ground beginner’s sports training programme designed for children ages 7 to 12, online to ensure the safety of its participants. Launched in early September, the programme has seen hundreds of parents sign up their children for one of the three sports training packages on offer – futsal, basketball and badminton. 

One of them is Raja Mohd Azman Raja Zulkhalnain (43), in Shah Alam, Selangor who enrolled his 8-year-old son Raja Iman Zahrin in futsal training after stumbling upon it on social media. “With all sports clubs and fields closed, I wanted to keep my son active at home. What drew me to MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching was the world-class training led by national coaches,” he said.

Chiew Chun Yong (futsal), Yoong Sze Yuin (basketball) and Daphne Ng (badminton) are the national coaches who not only front the online training but also developed the MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching modules. 

Over the course of five weeks which began in October, the children have had the chance to learn the basic skills through the modules in video format released every week. This is then followed up by the weekly e-coaching sessions via video conferencing with the national coaches who check in on the progress of the children. Some lucky participants will also have the opportunity to train virtually with badminton legend Rashid Sidek and rising football star Nik Akif Syahiran Nik Mat. 

The e-coaching sessions are a highlight for Raja Iman who takes his futsal training seriously as he harbours hope of becoming a professional football player in the future. He told his father how he wished the sessions were conducted face-to-face, although he is just as grateful as long as he got to play futsal and train with Coach Yong, albeit virtually, at home during this difficult time. 

Another participant who looks forward to the weekly e-coaching sessions is 7-year-old Ashley who was enrolled in basketball training by her basketball coach father Kenny Tham Yew Ching (39). 

“Ashley gets very excited when the video call starts. She has been training hard and trying her best to perform the drills. She asks a lot of questions and listens attentively to Coach Yoong’s comments,” said Tham of his daughter who developed an interest in basketball at a very young age. 

The early stage of the Movement Control Order did impact his daughter’s basketball training, but Tham managed to keep it going with his own personal coaching at home in Kuantan, Pahang. As restrictions continued to be enforced, Tham went to look for alternatives to build on his personal coaching, which led him to discover MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching.  

“During the training, I will be by her side and go through the steps with her. It has helped to bring us closer as we spend time to participate and learn together from the videos that are released every week. Personally, I feel it’s important for parents themselves to be as involved in the training as possible. This helps them understand what their children is going through so that they can encourage their children to do better and go further,” said Tham. 

Participating in the training also helps parents rediscover important life lessons that sports can teach their children, according to Tham. “I hope Ashley will learn to be responsible and give her 100 percent commitment to not only this programme but whatever passion she chooses to pursue when she’s older.”

Family who trains together, stay together

Kumalini Devi Subrahmaniam (35) in Teluk Intan, Perak is glad she discovered MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching at a time when her 9-year old son Thassvhen Vel is passionate about exploring other sports than his favourite, football. “Taking into consideration the limitations of at-home training, I figured badminton would be a good sport for him to try as it doesn’t take up space and is something we can train together as a family,” she elaborated. 

Family bonding time has indeed increased ever since the Movement Control Order took effect, but according to Kumalini, MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching has made the experience even more meaningful.

“On top of picking up a new sport, my son can now appreciate the importance of discipline and commitment to long-term goals. There are five training modules that he needs to complete, and I remind and encourage him to never give up and see them all through, even and especially if he faces a stumbling block, as one usually does when learning a new sport.”

Owing to the digital format, participants like Thassvhen can overcome the stumbling blocks that they may encounter during the training by rewatching the videos until they master the basics before moving on to the next steps. Kumalini added, “It is one of the features of MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching that my son found very helpful. In fact, he told me that every time he repeats the video, he will discover something new that he may have missed before.”

As parents continue to find ingenious ways to keep their children active and their passions alive in the new normal, Kumalini for one recommends MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching. “Amidst the uncertainties, it is reassuring to know that thanks to MILO’s effort, sports can continue safely anytime, anywhere.”
MILO Champions Clinic: E-Coaching is one of the many ways with which children can stay active and learn sports, safely, under the MILO Aktif Negaraku movement. Registration is still open. Logon to www.milo.com.my for more details.

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