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Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine will be AI-Powered

Microsoft has announced a new AI-powered on the Bing search engine and Edge browser. It brought together search, browsing, and chat into one unified experience, delivering better search scenarios, more comprehensive answers, a new chat experience, and the ability to generate content.

Here are more details on what users can expect from the upgraded search engine and browser:

  • Better search. The new Bing gives you an improved search experience, providing more relevant results for simple things like sports scores, stock prices and weather, along with a new sidebar that shows more comprehensive answers if you want them.
  • Complete answers. Bing reviews results from across the web to find and summarize the answer you’re looking for. For example, you can get detailed instructions for how to substitute eggs for another ingredient in the cake you are cooking right in that moment, without scrolling through multiple results or recipes.
  • New chat experience. For more complex searches – such as planning a detailed trip itinerary or researching what TV to buy – the new Bing offers an interactive chat experience, empowering you to refine your search until you get your desired answer, and with links available so you can immediately act on your decisions. 
  • A creative spark to generate content. The new Bing can generate content for you, including helping you write an email, or creating a 5-day vacation itinerary.
  • New Edge experience. The Edge browser has been updated with new AI capabilities and a new look, and we’re added two new functionalities: chat and compose.

The new Bing is available today in a limited preview, and everyone can visit Bing.com today to try sample queries and sign up for the waitlist. The preview will be scaled to millions in the coming weeks.

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