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Michelin Malaysia unleashes new 2020 Michelin Power series motorcycle tyres for road and track user

Been thinking about changing your motorcycle tyres soon? Michelin Malaysia has launched 4 new Michelin Power series motorcycle tyre products: MICHELIN Power 5, MICHELIN Power GP, MICHELIN Power Cup2, and MICHELIN Power Slick2. The launch marks the renewal of Michelin’s entire hypersport and race offering that brings consistency and complementarity to the ‘MICHELIN Power’ range.

According to Ross Shields, Michelin 2-Wheel Commercial Director for Asia, “All 4 new products are targeted at speed lovers, which serve as a core segment of our two-wheel customers. Looking for a sporty look, tread design, stability, and superior performance at high speed, this target group is sure to be satisfied with the MICHELIN Power range, where all motorcycle tyres are dedicated to enhancing the sensations, performance, and pleasure of riding,

For those road riders

For normal road riders, the MICHELIN Power 5 and MICHELIN Power GP are road-oriented, using an innovative rubber compound that incorporates silica and carbon black. MICHELIN Power 5 – a 100% road tyre – is developed for maximum enjoyment in the dry and safety in the wet, with a tread void ratio of 11%. It is proven to deliver the best performance in the wet, compared to its main competitors. MICHELIN Power GP – a 50% road, 50% track tyre – is proven to provide the best performance in both dry and wet conditions, compared to its main competitors. It features a tread sculpture built for both road and track usage, slick shoulder areas for exceptional grip and stability on track, and a tread void ratio of 6.5%. 

Every seconds counts track warriors

Michelin Malaysia is not forgetting the track riders too. Therefore, the MICHELIN Power Cup2 and MICHELIN Power Slick2 are track-oriented which suits for weekend trackday riders. MICHELIN Power Cup2 – a 10% road, 90% track tyre – is the treaded version of the road-legal track tyre. MICHELIN Power Slick2 – a 100% track tyre – is specifically targeted at trackday enthusiasts, offering rapid warm-up times. Both tyre models are proven to provide the best lap-time and long-run performance**, offering the fastest lap times both over a single lap and over full race distances.

New compound technology to give confidence to various riders

All 4 newly launched products not only share common technologies from track to road – in terms of ACT+ tyre architecture, 2CT+ dual compound treads, and computer-optimized tread designs; but also feature the unique sidewall branding signature of Michelin’s patented ‘Premium Touch Technology’ that creates an esthetic contrast and shades of black with a velvet effect.

All 4 new MICHELIN Power motorcycle tyre products are now available at Michelin’s authorized dealers across the nation. Check out the Recommended Retail Selling Price for MICHELIN Power 5, MICHELIN Power GP, MICHELIN Power Cup2, and MICHELIN Power Slick2 on the image above. For more information, please visit www.michelin.com.my

Power 5

Power Cup2

Power GP

Power Slick2

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