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MICHELIN LTX Trail tyre available in Malaysia now for pickups and SUVs

MICHELIN has just launched the MICHELIN LTX Trail tyre in Malaysia, an on- and off-road tyre which is specifically designed for high-rise pickups and SUVs. According to MICHELIN, the latest tyre offers extended lifespan, long-lasting safety with excellent wet braking performance – even when worn, and lower interior noise levels for a more comfortable ride.

As the tyre is capable to performs well on both paved and unpaved roads, drivers can expect to journey safely and with confidence no matter the terrain. The MICHELIN LTX Trail features 3 major advantages: 

41% longer mileage with the RallyForce2 Tread Compound that provides better durability and maximum service life for both on- and off-road use, and a new tread design with the Biting Shoulder that wraps from the tread down the sidewall, to protect against sidewall aggression and ensure greater off-road performance and traction. 

Long-lasting safety, even when worn, with Variable Thickness Sipes that provide improved contact patch for better handling, grip and braking performance. On wet roads, when compared to its premium competitors, the MICHELIN LTX Trail stops 3.1 meters shorter when new, and 4.6 meters shorter when worn. On dry roads, when new, it stops 3.8 meters shorter. 

19.8% lower sound pressure level, thanks to Duo-Harmony Blocks featuring two different block shapes in the tread’s center that spread the pattern noise energy across a wider spectrum, for a quieter and calmer driving experience.

For Malaysia market, the MICHELIN LTX Trail is now available in 9 sizes, with rim dimensions ranging between 15 and 18 inches. Malaysians who wished to upgrade to the tyres, they are available at MICHELIN’s authorized tyre dealers across the nation.

For more information, please visit https://www.michelin.com.my/auto/tyres/michelin-ltx-trail.

Credited to MICHELIN Malaysia

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