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Mercedes-Benz collabs with PlayStation Studios, Media Molecule bring future visions on “Dreams” for PlayStation

Mercedes-Benz & Dreams

Mercedes-Benz is collaborating with Media Molecule, a PlayStation owned studio, for “Dreams”, a PlayStation game title. The collaboration offers its developers and community a unique chance to bring the initiative “Let’s imagine futures together” to the attention of a global gaming audience.

“As a forward-thinking brand we always encourage collaboration and creativity. With Media Molecule we found an excellent collaboration partner to take our engagement within the gaming community to the next level. Dreams offers the perfect space for gaming enthusiasts to design desirable visions of the future” says Bettina Fetzer, Vice President Marketing at Mercedes-Benz AG. “This collaboration stands for a new way of exploring and creating favorable futures for next generations from all over the world.”

In an international co-working process between Media Molecule (UK), Mercedes-Benz and participating creators from the Dreams community (Canada & US), one of the future worlds originating from the workshop in 2019 was brought to digital life. In the interactive experience, based on a concept from AI-Expert Alexandre Cadain, players can now explore a story-based Dreams game level featuring four unique areas, stunning visuals and various gameplay elements. A perfect way to lean into an interactive world that teases a future of endless opportunities enabled by technology and artificial intelligence.

“The best collaborations are those that result in something new, unexpected and exciting,” says Siobhan Reddy, studio director at Media Molecule. “Mercedes-Benz has been an inspiring partner for our first Mm CoLabs Project. Throughout development, the Mercedes team has encouraged us to let our minds wander and imagine the future. We have enjoyed seeing our Dreams community creator, Scott Vanderburgh, bring a completely different style of game to Dreams. Thank you to Mercedes for being our first partner on an Mm Co-Lab Project – we hope this is the first of many.”

The “Dreams & Mercedes-Benz” experience will be available in Dreams from July 8, 2021 to all players. Mercedes-Benz and Media Molecule also invite the Dreams community to participate in a dedicated Dreams Community Game Jam, taking place from July 13th – July 26th and imagine future scenarios together.

The contributions will show in an exciting way, what the young generation’s wishes are, how they envision a positive future and what needs to be done to achieve it. Ideas, creations and thoughts can also be shared on social media by using the hashtag #letsimaginefuturestogether or on indreams.me.

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