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Meet the 20TB 2.5-Inch ‘SCALAR-20T’

Novachips Launches Largest-capacity MLC SSD to Date

SEOUL, South Korea, April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Novachips Co., Ltd., an innovator in flash storage solutions, today announced that it has started shipping a newcomer in its SCALAR Series of high-capacity SSDs. The new entrant, SCALAR-20T, is a 2.5-inch SATA MLC (Multi-Level Cell) 20TB SSD that is entirely based on in-house hardware and firmware. 

SCALAR-20T utilizes Novachips’ NVS3800 controller, and no third-party components — including JBOD and RAID component chips — are built into the device.

Since launching the world’s first 2.5-inch SATA and NVMe MLC 8TB in 2015, Novachips has consistently broken new ground in the massive capacity flash storage arena. 

The standard bus topology interface between SSD controllers and NAND flash memory has proven a limiting factor in flash storage capacity innovation. Novachips has resolved this structural problem by using a unique point-to-point ring topology. This technology has helped Novachips build its most recent, 20TB capacity SSD, without compromising on performance or reliability from channel noise over its guaranteed lifetime. 

SCALAR-20T is available in two options. 

  • C-grade is recommended for commercial applications such as professional video editing and recording, mobile workstations, external portable USB storage or enterprise server storage. 
  • I-grade is designed for industrial applications such as rugged recording systems, unmanned vehicles, avionics, forensic and defense applications. I-grade products are tested for operation in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, ensuring optimal performance whatever situations the device faces in real world use. I-grade SSD supports Cryptoerase which will zeroize 20TB full-range capacity data within several seconds via a hardware trigger signal input or host command. It can also be converted to an SLC 10TB to extend NAND flash programs and erase cycle endurance up to 10 times by initializing NAND flash. This full SLC mode can be programmed pre-purchase at an additional charge.

“We are proud to announce the launch of Novachips’ newest, massive capacity SSD,” said Daniel Kim, Novachips CEO. “This new 20TB addition to our SCALAR product range is an optimal choice for anyone who wants to upgrade their data storage capacity and legacy system performance. It is particularly useful in situations where scale-up of existing storage architecture is problematic – simply plug and play SCALAR-20T for additional massive storage capacity.”

Most large-capacity SSDs on the market utilize TLC (Triple-Level Cell) memory chips to achieve high capacity. That is because TLC memory chips are available in higher data capacity at a lower cost point than MLC (Multi-Level Cell). Novachips opted to utilize MLC (Multi-Level Cell) memory chips in the SCALAR range, to ensure that their SSDs met the exacting demands of military, avionics and other mission-critical applications – MLC-based chips maintain higher level of data retention and deliver more reliable data integrity, even in extreme situations.

Standard features supported by the SCALAR-20TB I-grade SSD include:

  • 256-bit AES hardware encryption
  • Hardware write protection
  • SRAM/DRAM ECC protection
  • Sudden power-off protection
  • IPC-compliant conformal coating
  • CMVP FIPS-140-2 validation is completed with 4TB and 8TB versions at this time. We expect validation of our recent model in the near future.

Pricing and Availability

Novachips’ full range of SCALAR-Series storage devices – from 1TB to 20TB – are currently available for purchase. Please contact sales@novachips.com for further information.

About Novachips 

Novachips is a leading developer of flash storage processors and storage modules that feature breakthrough levels of capacity and scalability. Novachips reimagined Flash storage from the inside out and offers the industry’s most advanced high capacity storage solutions for enterprise, industrial, military and other mission-critical applications. All Novachips products are built around its proprietary hardware and firmware architecture, which outpaces the scalability, performance and reliability of SSDs that use NAND Flash. Founded in 2009, Novachips’ primary R&D centre is located in Bundang, Korea, and the company serves a global customer base.

For more information, please visit www.novachips.com, or contact us for more information. Our international sales team would be happy to discuss our products and pricing.

SJ Yoo, Global Business Manager:

Email. sales@novachips.com

Tel. +82-70-8853-8555

Web. www.novachips.com 

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Novachips delivers peace of mind with SCALAR-20T, its brand new 2.5″ MLC 20TB military-grade SSD. It boasts proprietary hardware and firmware that delivers market-leading capacity (20TB), along with optimal performance even under extreme conditions.


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