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Maxis announces all new fibre plans including 1 and 2Gbps and free speed upgrades for existing customers

Maxis has introduced its all-new Maxis Home Fibre and Maxis Business Fibre plans to provide better overall experience and value to customers. Maxis’ Home Fibre broadband customers can now enjoy higher speeds of up to 1 and 2Gbps, whilst Business Fibre customers can enjoy speeds of up to 1Gbps.

In conjunction with the launch, new Maxis Home Fibre customers will enjoy promotional pricing for the first 24 months. This includes a next-gen WiFi 6 certified router, installation, and easier ownership of home devices via Home Zerolution for the best WiFi experience. On top of that, the new Maxis Home Fibre 1Gbps plan comes bundled with free Max WiFi subscription which ensures wall-to-wall WiFi coverage in your home. 

Maxis Home Fibre also now offers a new 2Gbps plan with true 2Gbps speed, so all devices can stay connected on the higher bandwidth. In addition, Maxis is the first telco in Malaysia to launch a 2Gbps plan with a WiFi 6E router to deliver faster WiFi experience.

Maxis Business Fibre is now available nationwide at speeds of up to 1Gbps. New Maxis Business Fibre customers will also enjoy promotional pricing for the first 24 months.

Maxis Business Fibre is the only broadband service in Malaysia that comes with free 4G wireless backup so that businesses stay always connected with zero downtime. Maxis’ all new Business Fibre plans also come with a free next-gen WiFi 6 certified router and a voice line with unlimited domestic calls. In addition to this, plans of 300Mbps and above come with a free Wi-Fi mesh for wider coverage in business premises.

The new plans are designed to meet the increasing digital needs of both consumers and businesses. In addition to video content consumption and productivity tools, faster speeds are also needed with the growing number of devices within premises. 

This is in line with the Malaysian Government’s effort to improve the affordability and adoption of fibre broadband in the country, further accelerating the country’s digital ambitions.

Customers can look forward to the following plans starting today:

Maxis Home Fibre:

Rate PlanNew Price / Month (RM) Promotional Offer / Month for New Subscribers (RM)* 
2Gbps (NEW)319N/A
1Gbps (NEW) 249Free Max WiFi subscription 
500Mbps159 149 
300Mbps139 129 
100Mbps99 89 

*Promotional pricing offered to new subscribers, applicable to the first 24 months 

Maxis Business Fibre:

Rate PlanNew Price / Month (RM) Promotional Offer / Month for New Subscribers (RM)* 
1Gbps (NEW)299N/A 
500Mbps219 199
300Mbps179 139 
100Mbps119 99

*Promotional pricing offered to new subscribers until 30 November 2023, applicable to the first 24 months of contract

Existing Maxis Home Fibre customers on plans of 100Mbps and above will be eligible for a free speed upgrade without any new contract on their existing subscription. For more information, customers can refer to the Maxis Fibre FAQ.
For more information on the new Maxis Home Fibre and Maxis Business Fibre plans, visit www.maxis.com.my.

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