Marrybrown launches new Cheesy Garlic Sensation menu; available now until Dec 2023

Marrybrown has officially introduces the Cheesy Garlic Sensation for the Malaysia market, which is available now till December 2023. The new menu features a lineup of offerings, including the Double Cheesy Garlic Chicken Burger, Cheesy Garlic Chicken, Cheesy Garlic Chicken Meatballs, Triple Cheesy Bowl, Cheese Stick, and mango pie.

Starting with the Cheesy Garlic Chicken Meatballs which are filled with cheese and loaded with thick savoury gravy. Fans can dip the meatballs in the garlic sauce which makes a good appetiser. Fans can enjoy it as a combo which comes with a refreshing cup of Coca-Cola starting from RM21.99. Cheese lovers are also invited to try out the Triple Cheesy Bowl starting from RM17.50. Savour in the symphony of flavours with the combination of mashed potato, cheesy sticks, and meatballs, drizzled with gravy and cheese and garlic sauce.

For fans who are looking for a hearty meal, opt for the Double Cheesy Garlic Chicken Burger Combo featuring succulent chicken patty paired with two crispy fried mozzarella cheese sticks and drizzled with delectable garlic sauce, starting from RM22.99. For those who want to add a twist to Marrybrown’s signature crispy chicken, try out the 2-pc Cheesy Garlic Chicken Combo coated with cheese and garlic sauce from RM23.99. Enjoy a hearty meal with the Cheesy Garlic Chicken Box Meal where fans can enjoy 1-piece Cheesy Garlic Chicken and a Double Cheesy Garlic Chicken Burger, priced from RM27.50. Combo meals come with regular french fries and a cup of Coca-Cola.

Seeking a sweet conclusion for the wholesome meal, Marrybrown offers the Mango Pie made with delectable juicy mango, priced from RM4.50 as an add-on to any meal. Cheese aficionados who cannot get enough of the cheesy offering can also add on the tantalising Cheese Sticks (3 pieces) to any meal from RM7.90.

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