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Make Everyday A Great Skin Day with Nu Skin’s NUTRICENTIALS

HONG KONG, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Skin has long been under great pressure due to the hustle lifestyle living in metropolis, and the blue light rays from the smart devices that keep burdening skin has caused us aging problems. To avoid early-aging, it is crucial to make skin more resilient and adaptive to the constantly-changing environments. Meet the bioadaptive skin care system provided by Nu Skin latest NUTRICENTIALS® collection, it helps skin adapt to environmental stressors.

Make Everyday A Great Skin Day! Brand new NUTRICENTIALS® join Nu Skin skincare line

NUTRICENTIALS® ‘s bioadaptive skin care system helps skin adapt to environmental stressors like late nights and pollution and protects against UV and blue light rays- for better, balanced skin every single day. It is so intuitive; it knowns what skin needs. And with clean formulas, people can feel confident about what they are putting on their skin. Nutricentials® Bioadaptive Skin Care™. Make every day a great skin day.

The Nutricentials® collection features a unique Bioadaptive Botanical Complex extracting from plants, namely Rhodiola, Maral Root, Siberian Ginseng, Chaga Mushroom and Resurrection Plant that comes with adaptive properties which help them thrive in extreme climates. These botanicals use that same power to help your skin bounces back from stressors.

Nutricentials® products provide powerful nutrients that are essential to helping skin recover and adapt to life’s many stressors. These nutrients help give skin a beautiful and healthy glow. These ingredients are considered as “nutrient essentials”, and so it is called “Nutricentials”. The 14 full-ranged products are developed for different skin types’ users, and people may “mix and match” for their best fit. In order to make everyday a great skin day, people only need the basic 4-steps from Nutricentials®.

With its commitment to transparency, sustainability, and using only the best of science and nature, Nu Skin brings people clean formulas based on its Nutricentials® worry-free ingredient list—all in sustainable packaging. So people can feel confident in their natural glow and in their skin care routine. Nutricentials® Bioadaptive Skin Care™ is a responsible skin care collection for conscious consumers.

Nutricentials® product bottles are made from 100% PCR, and its tubes are made with 34-35% PCR for a combined savings of 57.5 tons of virgin plastic from being produced annually. Plus, more than 90% of its palm ingredients are Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) sourced. To recycle the bottles and packages, please contact the corresponding local recycler for more details.

Nu Skin Website:http://www.nuskin.com.hk

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