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Ma Fenghui visited the “Pursuing Dreams with a Pure Heart —- Han Yuchen Oil on Canvas Collection”

BEIJING, Nov. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since its opening at the National Art Museum of China on 29 October, the exhibition “Pursuing Dreams with a Pure Heart – Han Yuchen Oil on Canvas Collection”, a specially appointed researcher of the China Academy of Art and an honorary professor of the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, has attracted a wide public response for its accurate and vivid characterization and rich and subtle color expression.

On the morning of November 3, the exhibition welcomed another important guest, Ma Fenghui, Secretary of the Party Group, Vice-President and Secretary-General of the China Artists Association. He walked into the third exhibition hall. He first read the exhibition preface carefully, and then, under the guidance of Han Yuchen, browsed the 25 works of the first section “Birth of a Dream and Difficulties of Self-study”. Secretary Ma deeply understands and admires the persistence and perseverance towards his original intention and self-study.

When visiting the 20 works of the second section of the exhibition, “Deep Riches of Taihang”, Secretary Ma said, “Taihang Mountain is not only a magnificent and magical natural scenery, but also a heroic mountain with red marks. It is also a manifestation of the artist’s practice of the purpose of art taking root in creation.”

When Secretary Ma entered exhibition hall five, after carefully examining the 38 works of the third section of the exhibition “Depiction of Multiple Ethnicities”, he carefully asked Han Yuchen about the process of drawing in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, and the life of different ethnic groups. At the same time, he highly praised Han Yuchen’s use of his rich painting language and various techniques to accurately depict the characteristics of different ethnic groups, and encouraged Han Yuchen to continue on this path of preservation and strive for more high-quality paintings, so as to live up to the times.

At the end of the visit, Han Yuchen introduced to Secretary Ma the scale of Handan’s own art museum and the collection of European 19th century oil paintings. Secretary Ma said that he would definitely take time to visit to show his support for the contribution of private art museums in popularizing art education.

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