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Listen to Naim Daniel special cross-over cover and remix of Alan Walker’s Believer exclusively on JOOX Malaysia

JOOX further proves that music can indeed go beyond all borders with its brand-new global music collaboration initiative. Get your music-listening ears ready for special, JOOX-exclusive cross-over covers and remixes of “Believers”, the hot new single by Alan Walker, featuring local artists and producers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand as well as Hong Kong!

Kicking things off with a big, loud bang, some of the brightest Asian music superstars are set to debut their own unique spin on “Believers” – exclusively available on JOOX now. Watch out for this exciting remix by Naim Daniel, who will sprinkle his dashing personality on his cover version of the hit single.

“The best part of this cover is that we were allowed to tweak it with flavour that fits our Malaysian music lovers’ taste. For example, we added in flute elements to give it a “Nusantara” feel and ambience. I am really excited for this project because this is my first time collaborating with Alan Walker and I could relate to this song because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. I, along with all the youngsters out there who have many hopes and big dreams in life need to hold on because we are currently living in a very tough time, and therefore what we need to do is believe,” said Naim Daniel.

“I’m truly happy how the new generation of the music scene is growing and moving forward right now and listeners have the freedom to choose any kind of music and genre that they prefer. JOOX is a platform that provides so many musical genres from around the world. As a JOOX user myself, I can have full control of what music I want to listen to. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, music is still alive and well because we share the same language in music” Naim Daniel added.

Ready for your own spotlight? JOOX users also get a chance to put themselves in the spotlight via the highly interactive Buzz feature, which has launched its new “#BelieversonBuzz” challenge. Users can shoot any kind of videos they want with Alan Walker’s special “Believers” remix as background music and frame it with the exclusive “Believers” sticker. How cool is that? Your video may give you a chance to win exclusively signed merchandise from Alan Walker himself!

Music producer and global hit-maker Alan Walker said, “I’m so happy that this great line-up of artists wanted to join in on remixing Believers! Working on this project together has been incredibly rewarding, and it’s amazing to see all the different visions and directions they’ve taken the track. I’m inspired by how other artists put their own spin on a track, and they all bring something completely different to the table. I hope that we get to play them live one day!”

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President of JOOX, said, “JOOX always looks to make music accessible and enjoyable for everyone. For the first time ever, fans can merge their love for local and international pop music by way of collaborations between the brightest Asian stars and the biggest international sensations, where JOOX puts on a showcase for local talents in all of its markets to be among their global counterparts under one spotlight. We look forward to encouraging more creation and collaboration like this in the future.”

You can get JOOX by downloading JOOX mobile or desktop app on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or access the JOOX website.

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